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For The Love Of Air Jordan 11

Updated on October 15, 2015

The Love of Air Jordan 11

This question was asked by my fellow peers.

Why do we enjoy the Air Jordan 11 so much?

Well there are many answers to that question.But to sum it up in three would be better.But before I go on to give my answers I must first explain the Jordan 11.

The Air Jordan is a very attractive piece of equipment for the feet.So attractive that people from all walks of life would use these at their wedding ceremonies.

But for the true Sneaker Head this is the most coveted.The main person responsible for creating this masterpiece was the man they call Tinker Hatfield .

What came from Tinkers creative mind was phenomenal.He went way over traditional standards in building a unique Air Jordan shoe.

When these were released in 1995 only 5 colorways were introduced.2 of them were low cut versions.

Jordan 11's ONLY...No Spizikes!!

The 5 original colorways are:

Air Jordan 11 Concords

Air Jordan 11 Columbias

Air Jordan 11 Breds

Air Jordan 11 Low I.E. Blk-Drk-Gry/True Red

Air Jordan 11 Low I.E. Wht-Light Gry/Cobalt

The first 3 Air Jordan are the most coveted.In the Sneaker Head world if you have the originals you are king.

Finding a mint condition Og 11 would cost upwards of 600 dollars or more on Ebay.

Lets move forward to 1995.When Michael Jordan came back to the NBA the whole world took notice.For the Chicago bulls fan It was a carnival.

Nothing was more perfect for Tinker to create this shoe for Michaels comeback to the bulls.He took notice immediately and fell in love with the shoe that Tinker had created.

There was a slight problem.Michael was fined 5,000 dollars for every time he wore the Jordan 11.But the good thing was that Nike had him covered.They told Michael not to worry about the fines.

For violating the NBA dress code Michael had no problem.The only problem with the other NBA teams was that Michael violated them in getting their rings!!

Jordan 11...Violation of the NBA dress code.

The NBA said that Michaels shoe was a violation to the NBA dres code.Well besides the fines that he received Michael had one thing in mind.

His mission was to accomplish another ring.In the season of 1995-96 Michael would take the Chicago Bulls to their 4TH Championship Title.

One of the other accomplishments he attained was by winning a record 8th scoring championship.Beating the legendary Wilt Chamberlin just by one ahead.He also joined Willis Reed as the only person to win MVP's in the regular season.

When Jordan came back he was more of an outside 3-point shooter.Very accurate in the perimeter.Played all 100 games when he started.

With a very artistic and tremendous shooting hand it was awesome to see him shoot in fade away motion.

With a unique blend of grace,artistry and a panther like ability to move on the court was like looking at a Picasso painting.

Jordan averaged 4.3 assists, 6.6 rebounds and 2.20 steals.Was also ranked 3rd in the NBA for steals.

Concords 2000

These are one of the most popular shoe in the collectors arsenal. Released in the year 2001 these were sold out in minutes.

When the original Jordan 11 released on 1995 they were not that popular to some.These shoes ended up in the sales rack.Amazing.For those who purchased with out hesitation was smart.Others regret later after so many of years.

As the saying goes.When there is an opportunity staring you at the face you better grab it!

Low Zen

The Air Jordan 11 Low was also an eye catcher.Released in 2001 these are the White/Light -Zen-Gray colorway.

It was a perfect summer shoe in June.The only problem again was the fading of the Icy soles.This was a great addition to the sneaker collector.

There is another comeback again.No it is not Michaels 4th comeback.I am talking about the retrun of another Air Jordan 11 low in May of 2012.The colorway is White with red soles.Perfect for the upcoming summer.

3 Times the Breds.

Apparently the Breds Og catches me the most.Do not get me wrong every colorway of the Air Jordan 11 is great.

In my opinion the Og breds are the one for me.It makes abold statement.When someone is wearing the Breds 11 give them a sense of pride.

But one must take into account that these shoe are not only for wear.The history behind these Jordan 11 tells a story of what Michael accomplished.

Well I guess that is the way I see things sometimes.Every where you go around the country there are history behind every city.

So like the Air jordan brand.It has History.From the beginnings of Nike,Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield and Michael Jordan that is history.

Space Jams

This is why I love the Air Jordan 11.This beautiful piece of equipment is a must in your collection.The other history behind this is for the love of Bugs Bunny.This was worned by Michael in the family fun movie Space Jams.Also in the movie they introduced Lola Bunny.

The is shoe was introduced in 1996.The Space Jams was modeled after the tuxedo.With an attractive color combo of Black and White it stands out to the public.

The problem with the icy soles is that it fades to yellow.Due to oxidation.Other than that this is a good looking shoe.

Cool Greys

The Cool Greys is another attractive Jordan 11 shoe.Again the fading to yellow soles.

When Tinker created these Jordans 11 the materials used was not that great.Signs of cracking in the Carbon Fiber plate was common.Soles tend to come out after many years of wear.Little cracks on the patented leather appeared on the creasing areas.

But over all the Air Jordan 11 is the most popular in the Jordan brand.

So let us get back to the question.

Why do we love the air Jordan 11 so much?

Tinker Hatfield.

Michael Jordan.

4TH NBA Title .

He came back from retirement and led the Chicago Bulls to their 4TH championship title. How amazing is that.

The way I see the Jordan 11's is what Michael Jordan accomplished when he came back.The love for the game.

The obstacles he went through.The passing of his father.It was sad.But Michael pulled through and went on with his life.He came and conquered once again.

Next time goes into your closet and dig out your Jordan 11.See pass the shoe and ask your self not only why you love this shoe but what Michael Jordan had to go through to make the Jordan Brand possible in his name.

2009 Air Jordan 11 Space Jams Comparisons.

2009 Retail vs. Unauthorized.

For the past years of observing many countless reviews on youtube about how unauthorized Jordans are authentic and this and that.

But you know what ? People are just fooling themselves. Don't get me wrong I've been burned and flipped side to side and all of that goodness.

Bottom line if it did not come from footlocker , Footaction , Nike , Champsports , Eastbay or any authorized Jordan retailer then no it does not pass from the shoe being authentic.

Unauthorized authentics as they may call it are made in different factories in china. The real retail ones are still made in authorized factories for the U.S.

Yes they may never make it to quality control or pass inspection. But in reality if it is not made in an American authorized nike facility in china then again no the air jordans are still not authentic.

I understand the quality control that these shoes go through before it makes out to wholesale department then to retail. Yes I have purchased Jordans from these authorized stores and some of the quality now has been downgraded. It is a shame for me and to the rest of the people out there who purchase these shoes.

And just to add bad labor practices in those factories in china is pretty bad. Just to make a 20 dollar shoes and then turn around and sell it in the market for 200 dollars is insane. Not only insane but when you think about the people behind the scenes who make these shoes are getting paid the lowest minimum. But this is another topic to discuss in another day.

Air Jordan 11 Space Jams

Here we have 1 pair of Jordan 11 space jams side by side again. You might be wondering oh no not again.

This will not be a deep comparison. For all you folks who already know the ins and outs of the shoe does need to be repeated.

Here I will just explain just the important details that we sometimes miss. Because everytime there is a review it is always the same routine. And when you really overlook the details you will really miss it.

Some of the normal standard isnpections of the shoe:

3rd spacing

fat shoe laces

23 spacing on point

jumpman ball lines up between the 2 and 3

the scratching of the carbon fiber or texture

the shoe tree

the scratching of the box

the carbon fiber paper

the retail label

the inner soles and underneath

the patented leather

the tongue with the stitching

and so forth.

For now lets get back to the comparisons.

In the picutres below you will see the toe box of both XI.

Toe Boxes.

On the left of the picture is the unauthorized XI and to your right is the retail from

Do not concentrate too much on the icy yellowing soles. Just to add. Both are dead stock and never been worn. Even some unauthorized shoes gets the yellowing from my experience.

Observe both toe boxes. Notice on the unauthorized xI on your left has a tall and rounded look. Forget about that milky see through and lines not lining up. No matter.

Now observe the Eastbay XI on your right. Clearly you can see the toe box is stream lined and the patent leather does not go up in height and not tall. It lines up with the front sole.

Look at those picture for about as long as you can. And judge your own opinion. I suggest you get yourself a retail & unauthorized space jam 11 and do a comparison your self.

On following pictures I put a ruler right between the toe boxes. You can see the real deal.

Look at the toe box of the unauthorized authentic XI below. The leather goes up and back.

Look at the XI. The leather lines up and the goes back. Streamlined with a small wave.

The Jumpman Skinny

Here is the popular jumpman logo. Observe the pictures below again. I am not going to compare the logos arm lining up between the 2 & 3. Yep there are unauthorized jordans out there that lines up perfectly to say the least.

To the left is XI and to your right is the unauthorized XI.

Just look at the jumpmans arm. It is real hard to detect. But if you stare at it for a long time the you can see the real big difference.

That's why I always say this. It is all in the details. Not only the details but if you are in doubt you need to really stand back and check it out.

The skinny long arm

Here we have jumpman. This time I took a ruler and started measuring the arm.

I tried to be perfect as possible measuring the line under the arm of the logo. As you can see the first picture below is the retail and the second picture is unauthorized authentic.

The retail XI just measures below 15mm.

The unauthorized authentic XI measures over 15mm.

Again you make the call. Go get yourself the retail and unauthorized and also a ruler. You will see the difference.


This one I really love. The great carbon fiber.

I like it when it is being scratched or tap on real hard. This is 2015 . The carbon fiber is being made with very good material...carbon fiber. Or maybe not.

Below is the space jams XI. The carbon fiber has a shiny black background. When the light reflects on the carbon their is a nice shine to it and not dull.

The next picture is the carbon fiber of the unauthorized authentic. The background is shiny but in a way dull like.

And yes those squares. Don't fool yourselves. If it's not a little round then yes it is unauthorized.

As you can see from the observation no matter what angle you move the carbon fiber the retail still outshines the unauthorized.

Front Toe Box.

Again the front toe box.

Look at the first picture with the ruler.

The 2nd picture unauthorized.

The toe boxes are different.

The retail is almost streamlined in comparison to the unauthorized.

Unauthorized has a boxed toe.

It's just me.

The comparisons I just did was just in my opinion.

These are only the Space jams XI comparisons. I will try and do the Concords reviews in the future.

Call me crazy or anything. I just want to educate in some way for all those people to know and if they are unsure of what to buy.

But I can say this do what you like and buy what you like. Enjoy life No matter. I agree it is ridiculous to spend 200 to 300 dollars on some shoe that was only made for 15-20 dollars.

Retail or unauthorized? You make that call. I have been there and done that. I do not collect anymore. I just compare to what I have left in my closet.


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