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Banzai Falls Original Water Slide Review

Updated on June 4, 2017

Banzai Water Park Slide


Banzai Falls Original Water Slide

If you or your kids is looking for a way to beat the summer heat then the Banzai Falls Original Water Slide might be just the ticket to cooling down and having lots of fun. I personally have a metal sided above ground pool at my own house and I know that we get a lot of great fun out of it with my kids. A pool, however, may not be what works best for you and your kids for your house. A water slide could be set up and taken down more easily and you would not have to worry about buying pool chemicals and cleaning a pool and certainly the safety concerns that go along with pool ownership. A Banzai Water Slide may indeed the perfect solution for the parent who wants to let the kids have fun in the back yard during the hot summer months but is not willing or able to go for a swimming pool and the responsibilities that come along with pool ownership. Amazon has plenty of these pools available from a number of sellers as well as some other varieties of these type of pools and slides. This water slide has well over 190 customer reviews of which 110 give it the full five star rating. If you like any of the pools that you see here and click over to Amazon through one of the links that you see here you can rest assured that all normal sales and costs will be handled as normal through Amazon which is of course one of the biggest and most reputable online stores there is in the world today.

Water Slide for Great Summer Fun

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Banzai Sidewinder Falls 09

This water slide has at the time of this writing 65 customer reviews for a 3 1/2 out 5 star average rating. I'd say that's a fairly solid notion that this Banzai Sidewinder Falls 09 may very well be the right choice for you to make sure that you get a quality product from a proven manufacturer. Granted, this is not a small purchase to make. It would seem, however, that the return on the investment could be well worth. At the time of writing this article, the Gulf Coast is battling oil from the big oil spill and many beaches are being affected. Perhaps, money spent on this slide would be alternative way to spend some of that vacation money. I bet that your children would go for that option. Or perhaps, the Banzai Falls Original Water Slide will be the one you choose.

Video of a Banzai Sidewinder Water Slide

Banzai Double Drop Falls

This water fall slide received either a four or five stars out of a possible five on a total of 31 of the 42 customer reviews. I guess it depends on the "bell and whistles" that you might want on your slide and how much you are willing to spend. The weight limit on this slide is 200 pounds so most adults could jump on in here and enjoy it with the kids too.

Banzai Wipe-out Curve Inflatable Park

Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

If you want to really step it up in the water slide department then the Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park might be the way to go. It looks very nice and might be the one you are looking for. A picture of it is to the right and full details and reviews from Amazon can be read by clicking on the picture. This slide seems have a lot more features than the Banzai Falls Original Water Slide that is featured at the top of this article.

Kid below has fun at his house on a water slide

You can see this proud mother's video clip that I found that shows her son having fun on his very own water slide. It was probably something that the mom was able to set up herself here. If she had help from dad then maybe he helped to set it up when he came home from work but this slide is no doubt going to provide lots of fun during the hot summer days for this boy and get him outside and get some good exercise. This appears to be a smaller sized water slide here and there are certainly larger ones that would be more suitable for bigger kids and maybe for parties with lots of kids but I think you can get the idea here that it could be lots of fun.

Viva Banzai Water Slide!

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