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Best Team In The World

Updated on April 8, 2013


I would play a 3-4-3 formation with this team, because I think there is more top-quality centre backs to choose from than full backs.

It uses a diamond midfield, which allows for 4 centre midfielders, and the forwards includes 2 wingers.


Casillas making a flying save.
Casillas making a flying save.


Iker Casillas

There is really only one choice for the goalkeeper, and it's the Real Madrid shot-stopper from Spain.

With over 100 caps for Spain, keeping keepers like Victor Valdes and Jose Reina out of the team, and over 10 years as Real Madrid's first choice, Casillas has developed into a fantastic, reliable keeper.

Team: Real Madrid

Country: Spain

Thiago Silva.
Thiago Silva.


Nemanja Vidic

Centre Back

The Serbian was unheard of when he joined Manchester United in 2006 but has since risen to become probably the best centre back in the world.

He is a fierce tackler and header of the ball and is willing to put a foot or head in to help his team.

He had formed an extremely solid partnership with Rio Ferdinand in Manchester United's defence.

Team: Manchester United

Country: Serbia

Gerard Pique

Centre Back

A young spanish defender who left Man United due to not being played enough and being homesick for Spain, where he left Barcelona as a youth player.

However allowing him to leave has probably turned out to be one of Sir Alex Ferguson's biggest mistakes, as since then he has become part of perhaps the greatest club team ever and become a vital part of not just Barcelona but also the Spain squad, and won a World Cup and European Championship.

He is a different type of defender to Vidic, he is more of a ball-playing centre back who can bring the ball out of defence and start attacks from the back. He's 6 foot 4 and very good in the air as well as on the floor.

Team: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Thiago Silva

Centre Back

Thiago Silva is slightly less well-known that the other 2 centre backs but is still a very good player. He's a combination of Pique and Vidic's style of play, with Vidic's strong tackling and willingness to fight for his team combined with Pique's ball-playing ability and dribbling.

He is also a very athletic player, 6ft tall, very fast and strong.

Team: AC Milan

Country: Brazil



Yaya Toure

Centre Defensive Midfielder

He could be a surprising inclusion, but the massive Ivorian has proved at Manchester City that he is a top class player.

He is a strong tackling defensive midfielder who has been known to play in centre back so would be good enough defensively for the role.

But he isn't just a defensive player: his powerful, driving runs forward create space for team-mates and put fear into the opposition, and often end with a strike on goal or a pass to put a team-mate through on goal.

Team: Manchester City

Country: Ivory Coast

Centre Midfield

Xavi & Iniesta

The best midfield pairing in world football and the easiest choice to make. Since around 2008, when both Barcelona and Spain became the best teams in the world, these two little men have been at the heart of it all, pulling the strings for players like Lionel Messi, David Villa and Fernando Torres.

Their pass completion is almost always above 90% and they control the game, tiring out opponents before picking them off, as well as chipping in with some goals too.

Team: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Xavi And Iniesta Video


Wesley Sneijder

Centre Attacking Midfielder

Wesley Sneijder is a creative attacking midfielder with a great eye for a pass, who, in this imaginary team, would create fantastic service for the front three as well as linking up with the centre midfielders.

Sneijder is just as good with both feet which a great advantage for an attacking midfielder as it means he can switch the play to either wing with ease and play one-touch passing wherever the ball comes to him.

He plays for Inter Milan and the Holland national team, and in 2009-10 had his best season, winning the Champions League with Inter and being a World Cup finalist with Holland.

Team: Inter Milan

Country: Holland



Lionel Messi

Left Winger

Who else could it be other than (probably) the best player ever? He is just a brilliant player in every way; close ball control, dribbling, passing, shooting. Despite his diminutive stature he is very good in the air, as he showed with his headed goal against Manchester United in the Champions League Final in 2009.

The one thing that sets him apart from Ronaldo is he will always look for a player in a better position for a pass rather than take the speculative option and shoot.

Team: Barcelona

Country: Argentina

Arjen Robben

Right Winger

Despite not being as lauded as Messi, on his day he can be just as good as the little Argentinian.

He is left-footed but plays on the right wing, which allows him to cut inside and utilise his powerful shot, as well as using inswinging crosses. A very good dribbler, he can turn a defender inside out with his pace and ball control.

He has had some problems with injuries but I don't think he can be punished for that.

Team: Bayern Munich

Country: Holland

Cristiano Ronaldo


The reason I made Ronaldo as a striker instead of Messi is because I think he would have the strength needed to bring other players into play as he is taller and more athletic than his La Liga rival.

Again, like Messi, he has everything: shooting, dribbling, blistering pace, free kicks. His 2011-12 season has been possibly his best yet, with over 60 goals and the La Liga title to his name.

Robben and Messi on either side of Ronaldo would be unstoppable for any defence. Except maybe Vidic, Pique and Thiago Silva.

Team: Real Madrid

Country: Portugal

Most Important Player On The Team?

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Players Who Just Missed Out


  • Joe Hart
  • Manuel Neuer
  • Gianluigi Buffon
  • Julio Cesar


  • John Terry
  • Ashley Cole
  • Patrice Evra
  • Dani Alves
  • Carlos Puyol
  • Phillip Lahm


  • Xabi Alonso
  • David Silva
  • Mario Gotze
  • Luka Modric
  • Kaka
  • Steven Gerrard
  • Mezut Ozil
  • Juan Mata


  • Mario Gomez
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Robin Van Persie
  • Franck Ribery
  • Angel Di Maria
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Neymar

Who Would Be In Your Team?

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    • profile image

      ryankett 5 years ago

      Well, they were both a bit rubbish :)

    • profile image

      wibb1987 5 years ago

      Im thinking neuer will be the new schmeichel and will go on to be a better goalkeeper than casillas although he's far from that point at the moment. The defence is almost self picking.

      midfield id have to take out toure as surely a fit gerrard brings a more allround game in midfeild and typifies the box to box midfeilder at the ultimate level. Xavi and iniesta are untouchable but sneijder this year has raised doubts over if he's as good as we all thought as now Inter are struggling in the league he's not exactly dragging them up the table, whereas when arsenal stuggles Van Persie almonst sigle-handedly pushed them back to a respectable position. so surely ribery has to swipe him out of the team. Then im sorry to say although there is no denying robbens class you cannot have him in the same team as ronaldo as i agree with the commont of him being a poormans ronaldo. So my solution is replacement with rooney who brings goals. assists, energy, determination, drive and will put in a peformance all over the pitch. How may i ask are van persie and gomez not even in consideration :/ confused?!?!?! Neymar shouldn't even be a glimpse of a consideration as he's not played in top leagues or champions leagues yet. The brazilian leagues are renowned for their vast array of attacking options then absolute woeful defences and countless next 'peles, ronaldinhos, ronaldos, kakas etc' come over to europe then crumble. I guarantee if you sent agbonlahor over to brazil he'd look like a next level striker as he is the type of striker they produce but very few make it to the level of world class.

    • jamiew12310 profile image

      jamiew12310 5 years ago

      Ryankett: my team does play 3-4-3, so we would have the same formation.

      Yeah I see your point about Ribery, but I think if you've got Xavi, Iniesta and Sneijder, probably the three best creative midfielders in the world, then you don't need another one on the wing.

      So with those three creating you would then have 3 players who you know if they were given the chance would probably score, whereas you can't rely on Ribery for that.

      Best crosser of the ball in the world? Antonio Valencia is as good I'd say, and even though he obviously wouldn't get into the team, even Beckham's crossing is still up there.

      In the end it comes down to personal preference, but from what I've seen, and especially against Real Madrid in the semis, Robben's been a lot more effective.

    • qmfaisal profile image

      qmfaisal 5 years ago from Dhaka

      @ryankett - that was great elaboration about the contrast and compare of Robben and Ribery :)

      @jamiew12310 - May be it's time to drop Xavi. There's no question about his abilities and he has achieved everything a footballer can dream of. But surely his injuries have affected his form greatly this season.

      And ya, I think there could be another substitution, may be Mascherano could get the spot of Yaya Toure. I know he has been playing more as a central defender in Barca in absense of Pique and Puyol but I feel he is the best man in that position since Lothar Matthäus.

    • profile image

      ryankett 5 years ago

      @jamiew12310 - You are assuming that we would play the same formation. I most definitely consider Ribery to be a better player than Robben though.

      I'd probably have played 3-4-3 just like Barcelona, or maybe even 4-3-3.

      Ribery can also play as a second striker, he has even played deep.

      Robben is a great goalscorer, but Ribery is a great goalscorer AND a great creator. Just go and look at the stats for Bayern:

      Ribery 191 apps, 68 goals, 96 assists

      Robben 87 apps, 52 goals, 23 Assists

      Robben scores goals, but Ribery creates goals. Assuming that you are trying to create the best 'team' in the world, then ask yourself why you would need Robben's goals in a team containing Messi and Ronaldo, and then ask yourself how many goals Messi and Ronaldo could score with service from Ribery.

      Without a doubt the best crosser of the ball in the world.

      And that's before you consider Robben's injury record. That's 87 appearances in three years, including 17 games where he has come off of the bench.

      70 starts in all competitions in three years? Robben is a goalscorer, a poor man's Cristiano Ronaldo.

      Makes no sense to include them in the same team to me. At least Ribery offers something difference, can't think of a single player who can get in behind the full back like Ribery.

      Anyway, hopefully we will get to see them both against Chelsea soon, maybe we can come back and comment on their performances ;)

    • jamiew12310 profile image

      jamiew12310 5 years ago

      qmfaisal: but Ribery is a winger, and anyway surely you can't put him ahead of Xavi or Iniesta?

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Odd to see how messi currently has 0% of the votes, public opinion changes so quickly after just a couple games

    • qmfaisal profile image

      qmfaisal 5 years ago from Dhaka

      I almost agree with the squad, except two changes. In my eleven I'd rather have Ribery as central midfielder and in stead of Roben I would rather prefer Mario Gomez (who's not in your reserve).

    • jamiew12310 profile image

      jamiew12310 5 years ago

      So who out of Robben, Messi and Ronaldo would you have left out for Ribery?

    • profile image

      ryankett 5 years ago

      I would have played 4-4-2 so that I could incorporate Ribery and Van Persie.

      I also note that you only have European based players in that list, South American players are always written off.

      What about Neymar? He plays for Santos.

      Most importantly though, I don't think that any team can be taken seriously if it leaves Ribery out.

    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 5 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      An interesting hub! I agree with most of your selections, but with so many good players, and my own biases, I think my selection might end up a little differently. But very well done.