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World Cup 2014 Match Report: Brazil Vs Croatia

Updated on June 18, 2014

The Teams

The first two teams to kick off couldn't be more different. One is flamboyant and passionate in its style the other is a fairly new team formed after its countries independence from Yugoslavia.


A Little History Lesson

Football was first introduced to the people of Croatia in 1873 and the official rules became recognized in 1896.

There is a documented match between Croatia and some domestic opponents that took place in 1907. By this time local some local clubs had formed. However due to politics and war Croatia was for most of the 20th century part of Yugoslavia. This meant that Croatian players would have to play for the Yugoslavian national team.

There was a short period during World War II that Croatia was independent and had a FIFA recognized team. This was sort lived and the team was dissolved in 1945. It was not until Croatia gained independence in 1990 that they again formed a national team of their own.

They have never finished higher than 22nd place as an independent Croatian team however as part of a Yugoslavian team Croatian players have managed four top five finishes.

Croatia may be the underdogs in this match but lets hope they put up a fight.


A Little History Lesson

It is believed that Brazil's first match was a game between a Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo select and English club Exeter City. The outcome of the match is not entirely known with some claiming Brazil won 2-0 and others claiming a 3-3 draw.

The team's early history was not as great as that of its team since the late 1950's.

1958 saw Brazil become a Footballing Super Power when it won the World Cup for the first time with the help of one of the best ever footballers, Pelé.

1962 saw the team retain the World Cup title, becoming only the second team to do so in the history of the tournament. No team has ever managed it since.

1966 saw the teams worst performance on the world stage, when they crashed out at the group stage. It was the year of England's first and only triumph.

1970 saw Brazil return to their winning form, when they won the World Cup for the third time and got to keep the trophy. This was to be Pelé's last World Cup.

Match Preview

Brazil will be the dominant team during the match and they definitely will use the home advantage. They are more used to the conditions and that will be in their favor. There flamboyant style of play is hard for any team to counter and tonight will be no different.

Croatia on paper have no real chance of winning this match but hopefully the pride of playing for their nation will carry them through and they will play well.

The Match

First Half

Croatia got the game under way and after the ball changing hands a couple of times they had the first chance of the match. It was no where near on target and so posed no threat.

Brazil got it back and traveled down the pitch but did not keep it for long and Croatia waisted another chance after a great cross into the box.

4:12 free kick to Brazil near the box. A great chance that flew straight to the goalkeeper.

6:00 Brazil have possession back but give it a way after a few passes which leads to a great chance for Croatia.

7:20 another Brazil free kick, this time in their own half.

Croatia are playing well at this moment

8:10 another Brazil free kick. Croatia need to be more careful with the tackles.

8:40 Brazil have a corner, which the end up having to retake. Croatia clear and end up with a throw in.

10:15 GOAL! Croatia go in front after a great bit of passing and runs that led to a Marcelo own goal.

Brazil need to work now to win this one.

14:00 Brazil miss a great chance after a great pass across the goal.

15:30 Brazil get the ball into the box but it is deflected for a corner, which Croatia clear.

Croatia are doing a great job of marking the Brazilian Players.

17:20 a waisted chance for Brazil.

18:10 another chance this time for Croatia.

19:05 ball out for a Brazil corner which is sent across the box.

20:00 Brazil have a chance denied.

20:50 a lazy shot at goal by Brazil.

21:40 a few more better chances for Brazil but nothing converted. This time the Croatian Goalie had to make a save.

23:30 Perisic goes down for a Croatia Free kick

26:10 YELLOW CARD for Neymar

27:27 free kick taken by Croatia. No threat to Brazil.

28:05 great save by Brazil

28:30 GOAL! Brazil Equalize after being behind for about 17 minutes. It was a nice run and a long shot by Neymar.

1 - 1 at the half hour mark and its turning into a great game.

32:50 a great save by the Croatian Goalie from a Brazil corner.

33:30 corner for Croatia. Nicely dealt with by Brazil

36:30 Oscar sends ball across the box but no Brazil player can connect.

40:20 free kick for Brazil close to the box. Chance for another. Shot deflected off the wall for a corner, which was no threat.

43:00 another great run by Brazil but offside flag went up as ball entered box.

45:00 2 minutes added.

Half Time Review

What a great first half full of great passing football, two goals and a few missed chances. The score is not what anyone expected but it has made for some great edge of your seat football.

The atmosphere in the Stadium was great, every time Brazil got a touch the crowd went wild.

If Brazil want to win this they have to bring more of their flare into the game and start playing their harts out. Croatia just need to keep playing the way they have been and we will have a great second half.

Second Half

70:00 Brazil awarded a penalty.

71:00 Goal! Croatia's Goalie gets a hand on the penalty but is unable to stop it going in.

83:00 Croatia have a goal disallowed.

85:30 Croatia have a chance saved.

Its turning out to be a great match with lots of talking points.

88:00 another missed chance by Croatia

90:00 4 minutes added and Croatia have a great shot saved.

GOAL! Straight down at the other end Brazil have took possession and Oscar Scores.

Its Brazil's night but Croatia played well and should be proud.

Final Score


Match Review

A great match of end to end football with some controversial decisions.

Brazil's Penalty

Should the Ref have given a Penalty?

Looking back at the footage I believe that the penalty was a harsh decision as the player seemed to go down easy with little contact.

Croatia's Disallowed Goal

Why was the Goal Disallowed?

There is no real visible reason why the Goal was disallowed except for the linesman's flag. But I'm not to sure why that was raised.


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