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Brazil Vs Mexico: Match Report

Updated on June 19, 2014



Match Report

On paper Brazil were the better team however Mexico did a great job in holding them.

The teams were on level terms throughout the game with both sides having plenty of shots on goal but no one being able to score.

Mexico's Goalkeeper G. Ochoa was the best player on the pitch with his great saves that gave Mexico the point they deserved. The outfield players did a great job of attacking and getting the ball and even had some shots on goal that tested J. C├ęsar. They look like they could go far in this World Cup.

Brazil seemed to be lacking commitment and Fred spent more time standing around just expecting the ball to land at his feet. He made no real effort to get the ball, he just seemed to have nothing to give. He was replaced after 68 minutes but why he was not taken off sooner is beyond me. They had more chances but with players that are just not playing they were never going to make an impact on the game. Even when they did Ochoa was always there to get a hand on the ball.

Brazil needs to win their final group game to make sure that they can go into round two. ScThey will be sweating a bit waiting for the result of Cameroon Vs Croatia game. Luiz Felipe Scolari needs to take a good look at the players he has available and make some changes if they are going to make in impact at this world cup.

Mexico will be looking for a win in their final game as well and if they play like they did in this game they will make it through.


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