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Who Will Win the 2014 World Cup?

Updated on July 9, 2014

With the World Cup, one of the biggest sporting events on the calender being upon us lets take a look at which teams have a chance of Glory.

Every four years the worlds football mad population goes wild and flies the flag for their team of choice. Here in the UK there is always talk of us winning and ending what is now a 48 year wait for another win.

All they want in parts of Brazil is hospitals instead of stadiums but there is also hope of their team winning.

There are no guaranteed winners but plenty of teams wanting to do their nation proud.

1 Brazil

Not only do they have the home advantage, Brazil have also won the World Cup more times than any other nation.

The home advantage has worked for a few teams in the passed with six teams winning on home soil. However that does not mean a thing when it comes to Brazil who lost in the 1950 final to Uruguay last time the contest was held in Brazil.

They beat raining champions Spain in the FIFA Confederations Cup that was held in Brazil in 2013. They have also won that competition the most, winning the last three and also in 1997.

Update: Brazil are looking a bit shaky and some of the players don't seem to have there heart or mind in the game.

Read More Here.

Update: Brazil are out after a shocking Semi Final Performance against Germany.

2 Spain

The defending World and European Champions and runners up to Brazil in the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2013.

They will have a little bit of an advantage over some of the teams as they have played in some of the Stadiums during the Confederations Cup.

They won the last world cup off the back of a European Cup win and then successfully defended their 2008 European Title in 2012. That means they will go into the tournament as one of the Favorites to win.


Defending World and European Champions Spain were tonight (19/6/14) on their way home from Brazil after only seven days and two matches. They do have one game left however the result of that will make no difference to the group result.

Read Full Article Here

3 Italy

England's first opponents Italy have won the World Cup on four occasions. Most recently being 2006.

They are another team who have won a World Cup on home soil but that was back in 1934.

Last time out they went in as defending champions, however they never made it out of the first round. They were the best team in their group on paper but just did not find their form.

This year is a chance to redeem themselves.

Update: Italy are out of the World Cup.

4 Germany

England's long time rivals have won the contest in 3 occasions but that was back in the days of the Berlin Wall. There last decent result came in 2002 when they lost in the final to this years hosts Brazil.

For me an England Germany Final would be a great game but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

There opening match is against Portugal who are another strong team.

Update: Germany are in good form and on course to progress.

Update: Germany have made it into the final after a dramatic thrashing of Brazil. Read More

5 Portugal

Portugal may never have won a World Cup of even got into the Final but that does not rule them out by any means. They have some great players and are used to playing in heat.

I think they have a good chance of coming through the Group Stage and making an impact on the later tournament.

Update: They have not been at their best and need to win their final game for a chance to get through.

6 Uruguay

Uruguay have won the Competition twice in the passed. There first one come on home turf at the very first World cup in 1930. The Second came 20 years later in Brazil in 1950. When they beat the hosts to the title.

They are a team that should be respected with some top talent within its ranks.

Update: So far they are not looking like a winning team.

Update: They are now in winning form but Suarez who is their hero is also showing his villainous side.

Update: They have shown that without Suarez they are not a great team and are out.

7 England

One time winners back in 1966 on home soil England have come close to a final since but never made it. The teams downfall always seems to be those dreaded penalties.

They are a team filled with a mix of experience and young talent. Will this year be the end of our hurting can England lift the World Cup. We say this every year but it never happens. They cannot even win the Europeans. Even when it was on home soil they lost.

Hopefully there training in a sauna will pay off but only time will tell.

Update: England have failed miserably again. They had no passion when they played and their defense was often asleep.

Who do you think will win?

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Every team has a chance of winning. The article has shown that even if you are defending champions it does not mean you are destined to win again. All that does is put pressure on the team and Italy proved what that can do when the crashed out in the first round last time out after wining the one before.

I think the teams that are used to the heat have the best chance of winning and Brazil is definitely at the top of my list.

My top tip is Brazil Vs Uruguay in the final

Update: Looks like Brazil could be meeting Uruguay in the Quarters.

Update: With Brazil getting KO'd in dramatic style It's looking like its Germany's to loose.


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    • brutishspoon profile image

      Amy 3 years ago from Darlington, England

      I'm not to sure about Spain making it to the final now but Holland really impressed me and if they continue to play like that they could see their second successive final.