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El Clásico - Real Madrid Take The Copa Del Rey

Updated on September 22, 2011
Real Madrid celebrating their win.
Real Madrid celebrating their win.

Cristiano Ronaldo's goal during the La Liga Clasico

The Celebrations and the dropping of the cup - Perhaps this will be the new tradition!

What Is El Clásico

El Clásico is the name of a specific time in football when rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid meet. Each and every El Clásico is taken very seriously by each teams respective fans and whether or not the points gained during the match contributes to an overall win does not play into it really. It is the battle of the giants.

The Matches So Far

This year there looks to be four El Clásicos - yes four. Two have passed already. The first one had to do with La Liga or the Spanish League. Real Madrid and Barcelona drew 1-1. This was a nail - biting match as all Clásicos are. One literally sits at the edge of one's seat. Well I do at least! Barcelona's golden goose, Messi scored first (a penalty) and it seemed like they would take the win. I was disheartened and wondered what would happen. Then out of nowhere (a penalty), Cristiano Ronaldo pulls one back in the 81st minute! A draw! And what a goal too! It was better than a loss I'll tell you. I was quite content to take it especially since at the time of the goal, Real Madrid was playing with ten men. A Barcelona player- his name escapes me conveniently at this moment- said something to the effect that Barcelona was clearly the better team and that Real Madrid was basically lucky with the goal they got in the dying minutes of the game. OK.

Round two was yesterday. It was the Copa Del Rey or the King's Cup. Once again, Real Madrid and Barcelona faced off. (Ha, by accident I had typed Bra- ce- lona oh well.) So there they were, all the fans gunning for their team. This time a trophy was at stake. My word both sides defended. The goalkeeping was really at its best and wow can Iker Casillas keep goal. No wonder he is ranked as the best! So well defended were the nets that the match went into overtime. I am surprised that my fingers were not bitten to the quick. I simply opted for the mad leg shaking I do sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom really badly. Then Cristiano Ronaldo scored in extra time, giving Real Madrid the win. A few minutes to the end, Real had to once again play with ten men as Angel Di Maria was sent off after a double booking. Barcelona could not answer as the defense of Real Madrid was not to be beaten this time.

The Matches To Come

There are still two more El Clásico matches. Matches where Barcelona and Real Madrid will clash again. These have to do with the Champions League Semi-final - the first leg and second leg. Which team will come out on top in these two matches? It remains to be seen. The Catalans will for sure be positive it will be their team while Madridistas will also insist that their team will pull through. So far Real has gone from strength to strength in each meeting.

The Celebration

Fans and players joined together to celebrate the win of the Copa Del Rey and it was a mighty celebration indeed. It has been seventeen years since Real Madrid brought home a Copa Del Rey trophy and to make it extra special Sergio Ramos dropped it from the Double Decker bus which promptly rolled over it. Yes, the trophy was squished for a moment and some pieces fell off. But they have dusted it off and said it is alright. Ha! From now on Sergio Ramos just may be known as "The man who dropped the Copa Del Rey!" Anyway their coach Jose Mourinho said that he was thrilled to win the Copa Del Rey and that it was something special.....was there a pun intended? When it comes to "the special one" that is highly likely. As for the matches to come he has said:"We can take them on over two games; we have just done that. There is no reason we can't beat them in the Champions League because we have just drawn once against them and then beaten them."

So Real Madrid celebrate a well deserved win and for awhile, I can celebrate with them. It was a great game, as I really like to see when my favorite goalkeeper does a smashing job! Hala Madrid! You deserve it.



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    • North Wind profile imageAUTHOR

      North Wind 

      7 years ago from The World (for now)

      Hi Donnacha C !

      I am looking forward to the next two games. I think that both sides will try to bring more and hopefully the results will be exciting matches. I did enjoy the first two though :)

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 

      7 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      it wasn`t the best game to watch, especially for a cup final....I hope the Champs League semi-finals between these 2 sides will provide more quality and entertainment.


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