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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Italy Out !!!

Updated on June 24, 2010

The Disappointed De Rossi

Defending Champions Italy Ousted from World Cup

In a sensational fully exciting match Slovakia defeated Italy by 3-2 to enter the prequarter finals of FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Slovakia scored their first goal in 25th minute of the match through Vitek. In second half of the match Vitek scored again for Slovakia. But at 81st minute Di Natale returned one goal and Italy attacked the Slovakian goal post following the goal. But the just substituted Kopunak chipped the ball to the Italian net at 89th minute of the match which stunned the world. Italy was like Cheetah after that goal and it found result also. At 2nd minute of the injury time Quaillaralla returned one more goal for Italy. But it was not enough. When the final whistle came Italian player’s tears fell in ground realizing the ousting in first round itself. What France faced in 2002 was happened to Italy also this year. Thus both the finalists of last world cup edition Italy and France went out in first round itself Both Italy and France finished in last place in the respective groups.

It was totally unbelievable to each and every spectator who witnessed the match. The world famous Italian Great wall was defeated two times by the same man Vitek! There is doesn’t end. The last minute substitute Kopunak hammered the last nail clearly lacerating the defense. The facial expression of Every Italian player when the second goal scored revealed their disappointment. Especially the stopper back and captain Cannavaro’s  bowed his head due to shame.

In their first match of this group Italy had a draw with Paraguay. Being the first Italian fans believed that their team will improve in next , especially it being the unknown Kiwis , the Newzeland. But the babies in world cup football stunned the four time world champions by scoring a first goal. Later Italy returned it , but couldn’t score more. This resulted them to stay on the brim of death well today. All the pressure were on Italy, being the defending champion. But another infants in World Soccer Slovakia actually taught Italy how to play. Slovakia deserved victory and at last it happened as a poetic justice.

Anxiety of Coach

Where it failed ?

What was the reason for  failure of Italy ? I think it is the change in their traditional way of play. In all the matches of this world cup coach Marcello Lippi put his team in attacking mood. It was really a good change as far as the spectators concerned. But in between this  total football their defense became zero and through wings every team was able to enter the Italian fort. In all the previous editions of world cup that I witnessed Italy’s defense was the exact hole less one. Even Brazil was behind Italy in defending. But even Newzeland broke the Italian defense means there is a total mistake from coach’s side. I think Lippi will be eliminated or he may resign following this defeat. Let us wait and see which heads will roll ?


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