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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Argentina V/s Mexico.

Updated on June 28, 2010

Gonzalo Higuain

The Golden Boy of Argentina
The Golden Boy of Argentina

Teves and Higuain

Well done yar
Well done yar

Argentina enter Quarter Finals of World Cup Football 2010.

Once again Mexico bowed their head before the Argentinean football strength. This time it was for 3 goals against 1. In 2006 World Cup Football at Germany , Mexico had to meet Argentina in Pre Quarter Finals. Then Mexico was leading in the game by Raphael Marquez goal which was later equalized by Saviola. Hence the match extended to extra time and when it was about to end there came the golden goal from the boots of Maxi Rodriguez. But this time Argentina took lead through Carlos Teves followed by Gonzalo Higuain and Teves again. The Mexican goal was by Hernandez.

The encounter was a tug of war between two equal strengths. As per first round matches Argentina was expected to over come the Mexican threat very easily. In first round matches Argentina came in by defeating all the three opponents while Mexico has one win, one draw and one loss.

It was Mexico that fired the first shot to goal. At 8th minute of the match Salsido’s powerful shot passed over the hands of Argentinean goal keeper and kissed the crossbar. The rebounded ball again caught by Mexicans and that shot also passed the goal keeper Romero ,but rolled to out. Upto the first goal at 26th minute Mexico was the kings in Soccer city stadium. But at 26th minute all turned upside down. The ball that supplied by Lional Messi was pushed by Tevez into net , but the goal keeper prevented and again Messi lifted the ball to net. But Tevez who was in front just made a fiber touch head to score his first goal in this world cup football.(1-0) Teves was in clear offside position , but the referee allowed goal.

The next goal came in 33rd minute of the play. It was by the golden boy of Argentina Gonzalo Higuain. The goal came from the miss of Mexican defender Ozario. He pushed the ball back without noting Higuain there. Higuain easily caught the ball and dribbled the Mexican Goalkeeper Oscar Perez and placed the ball into net(2-0). This was Higuains 4th goal in this World Cup football. Just before end of first half Marquez fired a shot for Mexico , but Argentinean keeper Romero saved it.

The third goal from Argentina was in second half of the match. As usual Teves advanced with his usual pace and seeing some defenders in front he turned back and suddenly fired. It was from 25 yards away. But the bullet like shot couldn’t see and prevent(3-0). The net trembled with the power of shot and all the bad name of the first goal washed away by this goal. This goal will be remembered in World Cup history for long.

Three goals didn’t put Mexico in disappointment. They still attacked. The Argentinean defense tested frequently. In 62nd minute the header by Hernandez went out. But Hernandez found result in 71st minute of the match. He dribbled the Argentinean defender Demichelius and fired to net. The goalkeeper Romero even didn’t attempt before the shot(3-1).

The return goal put Argentina in pressure. Coach Maradona made substitutions to make defense stronger. Still Mexican waves came to Argentinean post with all strength. Once the goal again passed Romero but saved by Heinze at goal line. But the fate of Mexico was to return at pre quarter finals. When the final whistle came there was no more goals in account of both team.


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    • Brainy Maji profile image

      Brainy Maji 

      8 years ago from India

      yea, Argentina didn't played their best yesterday. They must improve against Germany in quarter final.


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