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Go CAMPING this Fall/Autumn- and do it cheap.

Updated on August 23, 2013

Enjoying summer while it is here!

This topic was requested, so here it goes....

I do take requests but, you need to know that if I cover something that you ask me to, I may not be an expert. I never claim to be. I am just a man that has experienced many things in life.

I do not get a lot of time to camp these days, but I love it still. Ok, first lets define camping. Camping is taking a tent or "camper" and going somewhere wooded, and near water, to spend at least one night (NO, hotels do not count!). I actually went once with no shelter, for the opportunity to "rough it". I was a little nervous, I'll admit, when a Great Horned Owl, and pack of coyotes started to "sing" away, around 1:00 am. At least there were no screech owls.

I recommend Upstate New York above all other destinations. My favorites are Brown Track Pond (you will see black bears!), Nick's Lake, Golden Beach, (all in the Adirondacks), and Chenango Forks (near Binghampton N.Y. wear you may see some flying squirrels!). If you prefer less wooded areas then I recommend Green Lakes, near Syracuse, N.Y. You won't find any bears there, but you may see Bald Eagles, Common Loons, turkeys, deer, red foxes and yes, Eastern Coyotes are all over N.Y. State.

In the Adirondacks you can rent canoes, bikes, and take a plane ride ( which I highly recommend), horse back ride etc. Trust me, nature is no more beautiful than this part of New York State !

So what should you bring? Here is a list of essentials

-A tent- I like the simple, cheap, pop ups that take 10-15 minutes to set up. -Sleeping bag and a blanket. it is always colder in the woods. Us city slickers are thin skinned. -Fishing or carving knives. -Extra flash lights and batteries, and a lantern (just make sure if its gas you know what you are doing!!!! Hang or set it in a VERY safe place!!!!) --- Matches or fire starting kit. -Clean Drinking water and toiletries. -Lots of simple food and beverages. - coolers, and charcoal grill. -raincoats, spare clothes, books, your dog (they MUST be tied when not on a leash with you!) - shovels, hammers, hatchet and an ax. -fishing gear.Fresh trout are the best for breakfast! The Adirondacks are loaded with "brookies" . -Binoculars

***Remember you are stepping out of your element. Use your head and you will be able to enjoy it!*** No one wants to lose their pet, or their own life! -I bring a weapon with me in case we encounter a sick animal. It is rare, but does happen. However, I only carry what I have experience using and I always watch wildlife, I DO NOT interact with it.!

You can bring whatever else you want to, but DO NOT write me back and say you are bringing you lap top. I don't want to hear it. LOL

TIPS- Put leaves under your tent for comfort, Dig a trench around your tent in case it rains, and always have lights available.

Build a nice fire in the fireplace, Ask the ranger where the hiking trails are and where to watch the wildlife.

CLEAN YOUR GRILLS AND BURN YOUR PAPER PLATES. Store and seal your food well and burn or toss the scraps in the trash near the restrooms. If you don't, Bears, and coyotes will come calling!

Have a first aid kit and a bee sting kit handy!

Soon, I will put out a camping FIRST AID blog and a CAMPING RECIPE BLOG!

So, stay tuned, have fun, and be SAFE!


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    • MikeSyrSutton profile image

      MikeSyrSutton 4 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Thank you Denise!

      Camping , REAL CAMPING is awesome! When did you go last?

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Hi Mike-I noticed you were following me and thought I'd check you out too. I love to camp, although it's been awhile. My dad took us camping every summer...wrote a hub about him and added that in (Sacrifices of Fathers). I like your style-good humor, always a plus for certain subjects. Nice work.