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How to Choose Target Shooting Glasses

Updated on September 17, 2017

Eyes allow you to see the target and aim before you even use your finger to pull the trigger so it is very important to protect them while shooting. Whether at the range or in the field, accidents with ricocheting bullets, powder residue, shattered pieces from clay targets, ejecting shells, and other debris put your eyes at risk. The sun, wind, and dust also contribute to more reasons to use good eye protection.

There are different brands and models of shooting glasses to choose from so it’s not surprising why people are having trouble deciding what shooting glasses are the best.

Lens is the most important feature to consider when choosing shooting glasses. One that enhances target visualization is desired rather than impede vision. There are three materials used for shooting glasses lens today… crown classic, CR plastic, and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate with thickness of 2.5mm is the best when it comes to safety and optical perfection. Polycarbonate is the lightest amongst the three, better impact resistance, and provides UV protection. In fact, it is the same material used for bullet resistant glass for vehicles.

For every lighting condition, there is a corresponding shooting glasses lens color appropriate to give enhanced target acquisition and visualization. If you like to shoot under different conditions then you might want to consider buying interchangeable lens instead of getting multiple shooting glasses. A good shooting glass absorbs 99% of UV radiation regardless of the tint or color of the lens.

Shooting Glasses
Shooting Glasses | Source

The lens should also provide a good coverage on your eyes so ergonomic design is very important as well. Choose shooting glasses with a balanced and lightweight frame usually made of aluminum, plastic, or titanium. It is also important to have adjustable nose bridge so that you can wear it with your eyeglasses. Some people prefer to get custom prescription shooting glasses that also works best.

Another issue with wearing protective shooting glasses is moisture build up that fogs the lenses especially if you are wearing a hat. From where I came from, this happens when it's very humid or when it just rained and the air you breathe out from your nose somehow fogs the lenses. Of course when on a shooting competition you run most of the time so the panting and the heavy breathing contributes to that and it's very annoying when your visibility is minimized by the fogged lenses. If you already have a shooting glasses, then the cheapest solution is to get one of those anti-fog spray typically used in hockey masks or ski goggles. If you are looking for a new shooting glasses, always factor in the ergonomics and how it fits your face. It should allow enough airflow to avoid moisture build up and the lenses should have anti-fog treatment. I have seen some shooting glasses with holes in their lenses or slots to let the moisture out but still fogs. One of the best brands of shooting glasses out there is the X-TREME Anti-Fog shooting glasses by Radians with a lot of positive reviews.

Wearing protective shooting glasses while target shooting reduces your risk factor and allows you to enjoy the sport more. Even if you are just an spectator, you should still protect your eyes because you'll never know when debris is gonna come your way so get yourself a good shooting glasses now.

Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses with Clear Lens
Carhartt Carbondale Safety Glasses with Clear Lens




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