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Prepare Yourself for Surfing

Updated on December 1, 2010

Preparing to Surf

Preparing to enter the water at any surf break is not something to take lightly. Its always a good idea to know the tides, wind and wave conditions. Certainly many of us are also aware that we may want to prepare our bodies to enter the water also.

When I used to surf cold water it was very important that you would streach out before you attempted to paddle out and catch a wave. You might cramp out and be unable to swim. I have seen this happen to people more than once.

Think about hydration, you cannot just stop surfing and go in and get something to drink. Sure if you are surfing a warm beach in Hawaii and you have a cooler in the car. Not only should you prepare your body but you should also prepare your mind.

What could I possibly mean by you have to prepare your mind to surf. Surfing can be very challenging even though it can look very easy and care free. Many people who have never surfed have no idea haw to deal with the ocean.

When you enter the ocean you become part of the food chain. Oh and you are no longer on the op of the food chain. So you could get eaten is what I am saying. Now this is not to alarm you because most surfers loose their life's on th away to and from the beach.

It is sort of funny because people ask me all the time about going into the water in Hawaii. I tell them that if they respect the ocean that they will more than likely be OK. Isnt that the same in life. Usually if you show respect you will be shown respect in return.

So remember the next time you enter the water you might be fish food ;-)

Coolbreeze Hawaii Island Surfing

Hawaii Surfing Photog CMR
Hawaii Surfing Photog CMR

Quiksilver Kelly Slater Extreme Surfing - White Lies


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