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Is Scott Shafer, the Syracuse University Football coach on the hot seat?

Updated on December 2, 2014

Once a glorious sight. Where are the Orange headed now?

If I know the athletic department the way I think I do, the answer is no.

Even though The Syracuse University Football Head Coach's record is a shameful 10 wins and 15 losses (with 2 of those wins against teams that are not even division 1-A), I do not think that Dr. Daryl Gross will replace him. In fairness to the head coach, Syracuse went to and won a bowl game against a good team last year. The S.U. program looked like it would get better with a strong defense and some great additions on offense. Freshman, Steve Ishmael, Jamal Custis and Moore looked to ramp up and fire up this offense and take S.U. to the next level! However, they finished 3 and 9 this year with some embarrassing loses. There were some great moments and battles this year, but in the end, the Orange's record is what will be remembered.

I do not see how fans can be happy and think that their football team is headed in the right direction!

Should Coach Shafer be replaced?

This next section is my opinion only! I speak as a writer and a fan when I say that Syracuse University Athletic director Daryl Gross should sleep on this tonight and then make the announcement tomorrow! Scott Shafer should be replaced, and the search should start tomorrow. This great nation of ours is loaded with great coaches. No, Greg Robinson and Scott Shafer are NOT among them!

I hope no one misunderstands when I say that the S.U. head coach is a nice and respectable man.Syracuse is struggling and needs a coach that can lead them out of this. There have been a lot of injuries this year, but there is still a lot to work with!

Here are my reasons.

The win/ loss record is awful and it does not have to be! I believe it is because he did not have this team ready for the beginning of the season. That was apparent when we took the field against Villanova for the season opener. The Wildcats are an inferior team to say the least, and it took overtime and a huge mistake on their part for S.U. to win by one point in the Carrier Dome. What is worse, is that Villanova missed a 25 yard field goal attempt that would have given them the victory in regulation. That one game spelled trouble. The coaching staff needed to fix it but obviously didn't.

I know that many fans are going to blame this on the players and injuries. I do not because the players showed tremendous heart and determination against some of the best teams in the nation! I strongly feel that the coaching staff let them down by calling insane plays and making bad decisions at the wrong times.

Here is one of many that comes to mind-

N.C.State comes into the Dome for a showdown. Syracuse has 3 wins and needs 3 more to go to a bowl game. With Duke, B.C. and Pitt still to come , this was a must win. S.U. is up 14-9 and has all of the momentum in the world in the 2nd half. The Orange gets the ball back inside Syracuse territory and are moving the chains as well as they have all season. What happens? The coaching staff call an illadvised trick play when our offense in clicking on all cylinders.Syracuse lost a giant chunk of real estate and the Wolf pack scores it's first touch down on the punt return. Then, even though the run offense is too much for the N.C. defense, the coaching staff allows the 3rd string freshman quarter back to start throwing bombs. An interception and a touchdown ends our bowl hopes and the kids had nothing to play for or "kill" themselves over at Pitt and at B.C.

The season ended when we lost that night.

The inexcusable losses were Maryland, Clemson, and N.C. State. And three others were winnable.

Again, I do not think the Orange will have a new head coach next year, but they should.

Please tell me your thoughts.


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    • MikeSyrSutton profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Thank you D,

      I agree that they had better get the kids ready. Here is the problem, they did not have them ready for an awful Villanova team that should have won! Those kids were not even close to ready. So, I have already lost my patience. I don't need to see us get any worse.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It is far too premature given our injury situation and the fact that this was his second year at the helm. Having said that, I will not be patient with Lester's new offense next year. They had better get the kids comfortable with it in spring ball and in August. That aside, Do you really want ANOTHER overhaul of a football staff with a new set of growing pains. PLEEZZ!


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