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Its Tebow Time Again

Updated on August 23, 2015

Tim Tebow

De Ja Vu

Somehow we knew it was coming again we just didn't know when. What? Tebow-mania. Yes its back in all of its glory. Football fans, coaches, sports analysts and non-sports fans all alike are caught up in the phenomena known as Tebow-mania. After almost a two year absence Tim Tebow is back in an NFL uniform playing for the Philadelphia Eagles stirring up a whirlwind of excitement and attention. No one in recent sports history has created such a furor of observation as Tebow. Why? Because Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure. With his unorthodox throwing style, non-traditional style of quarterbacking and ultra religious persona he is the embodiment of a headline grabber. Only one quarterback comes to mind that comes close to being the attention-grabbing machine that Tebow is and that is Joe Namath. The difference between the two is that Namath's behavior was a combination of marketing and genuine traits. Tebow's actions are purely natural. He is not trying to be a news magnet he just naturally is one. His all-American boy image, "aww shucks ma'am" attitude and honest,pure excitement in playing football make him a perfect candidate for news outlets looking for a story that will generate readers and viewers. The question is: "Is he here to stay this time around?"

Tebow Diving For A Touchdown In The Preseason

Eagle Eye

When Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly signed Tim Tebow as a free agent in the spring of 2015 sports fans and sports experts were scratching their heads wondering what he was doing. They still are. After having jettisoned several talented players like wide receiver DeSean Jackson and running back LeSean McCoy, Kelley looked like he was having a mid-life crisis in picking up Tebow. Had he truly lost touch with reality or was he privy to something that the rest of us didn't know?

In his time away from the NFL Tebow had been working with former major league baseball pitcher Tom House on his throwing motion. They totally dismantled his throwing mechanics and started from scratch. Together they built a much quicker release and a much tighter throwing motion that produced a much more accurate pass. Kelly got wind of Tebow's off-field work and invited him in for a workout. He and his coaching staff were immediately impressed with Tebow's improvement and signed him as a free agent. With Tebow's already proven ability to run with the football, the added threat of him being able to adequately pass the football was too much for Chip Kelly to "pass" up. (unintended pun that actually fits perfectly)

Tebow Highlights Versus Colts Preseason Game

A Perfect Fit

The Philadelphia Eagles run a "hurry-up" offense which head coach Chip Kelly developed when he was coaching the Oregon Ducks in the NCAA. The offense is based on a sped up style of play with elements of the "read option" thrown in. This type of offense is perfect for Tebow who ran a read option offense when he was playing college football at Florida. Although the pace is much quicker than what they used at Florida and Denver the offensive formations and defensive reads that he will have to make are very familiar to him. Once he makes the adjustment to the speed of play and knocks off the rust from not playing for nearly two years he should be able to function well within the offense. So in most regards the Eagles offensive scheme is a perfect fit for least in theory.

Tim Tebow

Back To The Future

There is no question that Tim Tebow is a football player. He stands 6'3" tall, weighs 245 pounds, has a little better than average speed and is tough as nails. The question is "Is he a quarterback in the NFL?" That remains to be seen. I agree with Hall of Fame coach and player Mike Ditka who said "Tebow is good for football." Not only as a football player who brings excitement to the game but as a character role model who is someone that kids and even adults can model themselves after. I truly hope that Tebow can make it this time in the NFL. He seems to have a coach and a team that is willing to let him play the game the way he plays it.......a little unorthodox. I like Tebow. In many ways he is a maverick but in a good way. He does things a little differently but that's okay. Sometimes different is good.

Do you think Tim Tebow will be successful this time around in the NFL?

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    • TonyDan profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Daniels 

      2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      With his improved throwing mechanics I think it remains to be seen if he can play quarterback. You have to also remember he's been away from the game for almost two years. That's a lot of adjusting to do all at one time. If given a chance I think he will prove a lot of people wrong. The only problem is will he have enough time to prove himself? That will be up to Chip Kelly.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      2 years ago from Texas

      Tim Tebow is a very good athlete, but he is not a Quarterback by any stretch of the imagination, regardless of the system. I think Tebow could rival Gronk at Tight End if he changed positions. I seriously doubt he will get an opportunity to play, if he does, he might be decent with the Eagles because of his legs, definitely not his arm.

    • TonyDan profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony Daniels 

      2 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      Paul Edmondson I agree with you. Tebow is a winner. I'm glad to see him get another chance in the NFL. In the right system he can be successful. He has proven that. Chip Kelly seems to like him and I think he will give him more than a fair chance to make the team and play. Philadelphia's system is custom made for Tebow as I pointed out in the hub. If given a fair chance he should flourish in it. Like you I was looking forward to Saturday's game against Baltimore with great anticipation. He is good for the game.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 

      2 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      I think Tebow is unconventional and it will take at least one injury and a few losses with the backup QB for Tebow to get a chance, but when he does, I'll bet he puts up Ws.

      I was looking forward to the game today. It's pretty rare for me to get excited about a preseason game, but there is something about Tebow that brings the football fan in me out.


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