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Jet Ski Rentals

Updated on August 9, 2013

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing like bounding over the open water on a jet ski, the cool air in your face, the water rushing by below, the beautiful blue sky above. It's no wonder, then, that jet skiing is one of that fastest growing sports activities in the country. And it’s a great family activity, make for great fun and great stories, and is a thrilling way to spend an afternoon! It also makes a great photo op for the picture album.

For those who live near a large lake or other body of water and are serious about jet skiing, buying a jet ski might make sense. If you jet ski regularly, you might want to have your own. However, most people jet ski for the first time on a rental while on vacation or only a few times a year. Not everyone can live in a place near water front property, or afford to buy a jet ski as well as the components to lug it to shore. Or perhaps you don't have the room to commit to a large jet ski.

Luckily, jet ski rentals are more and more common to find. Some areas boast jet skiing in their vacation packages. The key is research to find the best deal and to really know you spent your hard earned money on the right place.

Jet ski rentals can make an adventurer out of anyone!
Jet ski rentals can make an adventurer out of anyone!
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Jet Ski Rentals for All Vacation Plans

If you are going to one of the busier resorts at the height of the summer season, make sure to plan ahead to make sure there are jet skis available for you to rent. You may be able to reserve them in advance if you know that you are going to be enjoying this activity during your vacation.

For those of you heading out to Florida for some fun in the sun, one of the largest jet ski rental places in the Daytona Beach area is Short Money Jet Skies. This jet ski rental outfit has two locations, one in Ponce Inlet, just a few miles from the main beach area in Daytona, and one directly in Daytona itself. Short Money has brand new Yamaha jet skis available for rental, which are great machines for both ocean wave riding or smoother riding on the river. For this prime vacation location, reservations for jet skis are required. Call Short Money today for the best jet ski rental prices within 400 miles of Daytona.

For those who are more mountain folks than beach goers, the beautiful lakes of north Georgia can’t be beat for scenic wonder. Lake Rabun, Lake Blue Ridge, Lake Chatuge, are pristine natural beauties, set in the heart of the glorious Blue Ridge Mountains. They are also fantastic jet ski spots, and for rentals in the area, Young Harris Watersports are top of the line for jet ski rentals. The headquarters for Young Harris are at the Ridges Resort on Lake Chatuge, but the rental company is more than happy to bring jet skis to you at any of six local lakes. Rentals are by the 2 hour period or by the week.

When it comes to mountains, some like them big. Some like them grand. Some like them majestic. For this crowd, Lake Tahoe offers some of the most lovely ground in the country. A cerulean blue lake surrounded by snow capped peaks, Lake Tahoe is vacation paradise to thousands of vacationers each summer, including jet ski aficionados. Whether you're stripped down to a basic camping vacation or staying in a cabin, you can liven p your vacation with jet ski rentals. Tahoe Sports is a great spot to check out. Located on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, this jet ski rental place offers environmentally friendly jet skis at good rates. They even offer jet ski tours.

Another mountain lake hotspot is Lake Havasu in Arizona. This lake is well known for its wild college parties and as the current location of the famous London Bridge. It’s also a great place for family vacations and, of course, jet skiing! Windsor Beach Rentals supplies jet skis by the hour, day, or week. Windsor Beach Rentals are conveniently located in Lake Havasu State Park, not far from London Bridge.

Other Things to Do While on Vacation


If you are going to places that offers jet skiing, you might also find sky diving as a option nearby. Take Georgia, for example. If you would like to take a vacation from the mountains and visit Atlanta, you can check out what they offer for sky diving. Even for a family vacation, indoor skydiving can be done with children as young as ten. Not all places are equal when it comes to skydiving: as a sport where so much can go wrong, you will want to do your research and find some skydiving locations that come highly recommended near where you are going to go.


While not as intimidating as skydiving, parasailing comes with it's own dangers and excitements. If you are going to a water front area, it's a good idea to look into if they offer parasailing. It gives you the sensation of flying without being too far off the ground and the sensation of having control as both your speed and height are controlled by a person in a boat. It is also a family activity with children as young as six allowed to go parasailing as long as someone of at least the age of twelve is in the chute with them.


Going to a beach location? Check to see if they offer surfing as a resort option. Surfing is fun, challenging, and quite a work out to stay balanced on the board. Then you can hang ten and catch some waves with the best of them! There is a learning curve compared to other vacation items, so check to see if there are classes available. But if it's something you find you enjoy, it might become a hobby - sitting on the surfboard at sea waiting for the next set to come in, and being a part of a culture that thrives in beachside towns!

Horseback riding:

In many beautiful, waterfront locations, you can find horseback riding as an option that can be fun for the whole family! Most of the horses provided for such an event are used to taking vacationers to certain picturesque spots that might not be accessible by car or hard to get to on foot. Not to mention animal lovers will get their animal fix on a horse guided tour.

All in all, jet skiing is a fun sport and even if one is not on vacation, they can discover their environment in a new way by riding a jet ski on the water. Have fun on your next outing!

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