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Boracay Packages

Updated on August 9, 2013

Boracay Island, Located in the Philippines, is one of the most popular beaches in all the world. And anyone who has been there knows why this is so. Boracay’s White Beach is a paradise of sand and water, a beautiful spectacle to behold. The white sands and blue water are jewels of pristine nature. The climate of Boracay is ideal as well, especially during the long Amihan season. In Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, Amihan means “a cool northeast wind.” For the vacationer in Boracay, this means daily temperatures between 77 and 90 degrees and a cloudless tropical sky above a calm and  balmy sea. Paradise indeed!

Given the beauty and wonder of this tropical gem, it is no wonder that vacation packages to Boracay are available to the savvy shopper. Read on to learn about various Boracay packages and the special deals that can be found for this premier vacation hot spot.

Finding Great Boracay Packages

There are some great Boracay packages that you can find online. These packages can contain a variety of different amenities and some include just about everything you need. Among the various features of these all inclusive Boracay packages are airfare to and from some major stopping point such as Manila, land, air, and sea transfers to the Boracay beach, hotel rooms, meals, drinks, and even the various taxes and tariffs that tourists to the area must pay. These all in one packages can be extremely economical and convenient, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience traveling overseas. Let a tour company who specializes in Boracay packages do the hard work for you and enjoy your tropical vacation!

One website that specializes in Boracay packages is This site provides packages at many of the top hotels on Boracay, with excellent access to the amazing White Beach. You can stay at such places as the grand Boracay Ocean Beach Resort, with its deluxe swimming pools and appointed rooms, or at the Bamboo Beach Resort for something a bit quieter and homey. The website offers these packages including rooms, various meals, and airport pickups and drop offs.

You can also check out run by the Wow Philippines Travel Agency. You can read about all the different Boracay packages available on the website or call one of the Wow agents to hear about special deals and get more information on the island, its hotels, and things to do in the area. This company has some great deals for week-long vacations in Boracay or just a few nights in the tropical paradise.

Tips for Traveling to Boracay

When you are looking for Boracay packages, you want to practice the same habits as you do when you are buying any product or service. The first rule is to make sure you are dealing with reputable travel agents or package sellers. Ask around for people who have traveled to Boracay before and see from whom they recommend buying a package. Considering the popularity of this vacation spot, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone to talk to. You can always go online, too, to get some great recommendations. gives you the ability to get other people’s ratings of Boracay packages.

The second rule of travel is to get the best price possible. As in the purchase of anything, this requires a bit of research and some comparison shopping. You can research by visiting the websites listed above, reading the reviews on Trip Adviser, or checking out for pictures of Boracay, blogs about the island and people’s experiences there, and information on things to do in Boracay. Visiting these sites will ensure that you will have a great time on your Boracay package vacation while getting it at a really great price.

The last thing to think about before heading off to the great White Beach is just a few matters of health and safety. Remember, this is a tropical island, so make sure you have clothes that will keep you cool and keep the hot sun off your skin, especially if you are fare. Also, when you are there, be sure to drink plenty of water. You may be enjoying the tropical drinks on the beach, but be careful not to dehydrate. Also, wear sunblock at all times!

Things to do In the Islands

Beach Going: Why else would someone go to an island if they had no interest in a beach? That being said, there are many things one can do on a beach that they might not think about aside from watching the sunset, swimming, and collecting seashells (which are awesome activities in themselves. Being a tropical location, scuba diving, helmet diving, reef swimming, and snorkling are all popular tourist attractions. Skim boarding is just as popular, as well. But island hopping is probably the best for someone who doesn't necessarily want to be at the ocean all day, but wants to explore!

Skydiving: The islands are a great place to go skydiving, and is listed as #18 on in popularity for skydivers. Beautiful location with open skies, what could be better? Of course, yo don't have to go so far just for a sky diving trip - skydive locations in the US are just as notable and beautiful as going to the islands, and a good place to get used to the idea of free-falling to the earth. But for a veteran who loves glove-hopping and seeing the world in a way few people do, the Boracay Islands are an excellent destination!

Ecotourism: There are many locations to check out for their natural beauty, such as Bat Cave, Dead Forest, and Willy's Rock. If caves, mangrove forests, and odd volcanic formations are not your cup of tea, the Boracay Islands boasts a butterfly garden where people can see plants and butterflies native to the Phillipines.

Boracay truly is one of the premier beaches in the world. With Boracay packages, you can enjoy this wonderland with convenience and value.


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    • shimlahillstation profile image

      shimlahillstation 5 years ago from India

      Nicely written. The Boracay packages are affordable

    • profile image

      mary elaine ramos 5 years ago

      sana pas pababain pa yung rates :)

      for marketting kailangan nyu rin

      isaalangalang ang badget ng mahihirap

      para malibot ang kagandahan ng isla

      kahit sa maikling panahon lang ?