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Mount Rainier Climbing

Updated on October 22, 2011

The Mount Rainier is one of the largest summits of the world. Situated in the Pierce County, 54 miles south east of Seattle, Washington USA, the Mount Rainier is found towering the Cascade Range being the largest mount of the range.

The Mount Rainier stands tall with a height of approximately 13,211 feet and the presence of almost 26 major glaciers 35 square miles of permanent snow fields makes it the most heavily glaciated peak of the lower 48 states.

Two volcanic craters each of 1000 m in diameter top the Mount with the east crater overlapping the west the one. A crater lake is found almost 100 meters below the west crater an access to which can only be achieved via caves.

The surrounding area of the Mount Rainier is protected within the Mount Rainier national park.

This park was established on March 2 1899 by William McKinley in order to preserve the surroundings of the Mount. Its purpose was the retention of the natural conditions.

The Mount Rainier national park is the fifth national park to be established in the United States. 

Climbing Mount Rainier

Just like other famous summits of the world, climbing the Mount Rainier is taken as a challenge by adventure loving mountain climbers all over the world.

Climbing the Mount Rainier is quite a difficult task due to the presence of large glaciers. In order to climb the Mount Rainier, the climbing team must be experienced and must be aware of the ways of traveling across the glaciers.

If you intend to climb this heavily glaciated peak you must be skilled in certain techniques such as using of ice axe, use of crampons, ascending a rope with mechanical ascenders etc. You are must to have knowledge about the routes, the weather and the directions before the climbing of the Mount.

The Best Time To Go For Mount Rainier Climbing

Weather is the key factor for climbing the Mount Rainier. So the best time to go for the climbing of this Mount is when the weather is clear. The climbing season starts on April and usually at September. The best month for climbing the Mount is during the month of July. During this the season the ice melts enough to make the route clear to the climbers.

Train Yourself Well

Climbing Mount Rainier is a goal many adventure seekers want to attain. For centuries this mountain has thrilled the adventure riders all over the world but climbing Mount Rainier is not easy; in fact it is one of the most difficult mountains to climb. 

Only a person who is fit and focused enough can do this task. It’s impossible to climb the Mount Rainier if you are not well trained for it.

It is to be kept in mind the climbing the Mount Rainier is a time consuming task and it takes a long time so you better are prepared for it by having long and hard sessions of training every day.

To prepare yourself you must spend hours hiking your local hills, running and bicycling. This would make the legs strong and it’s very important to have strong arms and legs for the tasks. Carry heavy weights and workout to make your arms and legs strong.

Things That Are Supposed To Be In You Backpack

Other than some basic things required for Mountain climbing and camping you should carry things with you that would protect you against the sun such dark sunglasses and a sun block of at least SPF 50.

You should carry with you comfortable clothes, a first aid kit is a must, and also you should carry a lot of water with you. Make sure that you are equipped with all the basic and the right tools.

The basic tools required are:

  • An ice axe
  • A locking carabiner
  • A picket

  • A rope, approximately 30-50 meters long
  • Trekking poles
  • Pulley
  • Single and double slings
  • Tent

Other than that you should have things like a map, a torch, a sleeping bag a stove, some pots and spoons etc.

If you are well trained and have enough experience in mountain climbing, climbing Mount Rainier is a lot of fun. Due its challenging paths and difficult routes climbing this summit is a one adventurous task if you have the right equipments with you.

Climbing Mount Rainier


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