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The Great Smoky Mountains Vacation

Updated on October 22, 2011

You are planning to head for vacations than do plan to visit Great Smoky Mountains this time. The Great Smoky Mountains national park is in Tennessee and is part of Appalachian highlands. It covers an area of more than half million acres which have lush green forests and home land for thousand of animals and birds.

There are several mountains in this park for which height ranges from around 900 feet to 6600 feet. There is a huge variation of height of mountains in this range. There are numerous activities that are planned out in this area with extremely superb scenic beauty all around.

There are numerous activities, attractions and beautiful locations in Great Smoky Mountains and this is the reason for it being the most popular vacation spot. Here is a short list of opportunities available to you in Great Smoky Mountains to enjoy.


The first thing that comes into mind when the name of Great Smoky Mountains comes is hiking. Most of the people go there just for the purpose of hiking with which they get to see the most beautiful natural sceneries too all around them.

As the height of mountains here ranges from low to very high; so there is also mixture of hiking trails available from the aspect of difficulty. There are some really easy hiking trails while the difficult ones too for the expert climbers. On each trail of each mountain you are able to see beautiful forest all around.

There is a really difficult trail of the mountain having highest peak in this range and is called AlumCave trail. Here there is a 50 foot high observation tower and from this point you can enjoy a breathtaking and unhindered view of thousands of acres of forest. There are some other really famous trails too that take you to different beautiful places around to make you feel and absorb the true essence of natural beauty.

Drive-Thru / Cycling

Hiking is not the only way to reach to these heights in order to enjoy this beauty. There is an eleven miles one way road Cades Cove, from which you can travel through your car. And while traveling over this road the visitors may enjoy a wide range of wild life. You will find deer, bears, foxes and many many more animals there.


There is said to be an average rainfall of 50 to 60 inches in the valley while 80 to 90 inches on the peaks annually. So as a result you will find natural vegetation all around. Lush green forest areas are found every where around due to this climate.

Wild Life

There is said to be a great range of wildlife that is found in Great Smoky Mountains. It is estimated that more than two hundred species of birds are found in this are. While the numbers of mammals like, black bears, raccoons and white tailed deer are also found here.


There are also long streams of about seven hundred miles that are found here for the fishing lovers. You may also take a ride down on streams sitting and relaxing in inner tubes too.


There are numerous attractions on the streets of Gatlinburg. There is number of stores restaurants and museum found here.

Guinness World of Records Museum, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, the 342-foot high Space Needle, and Ripley's Believe It Or NotMuseum are the few of those attractions to name that are found on Gatlinburg’s street.

Pigeon Forge

There are is amusement park here owned by music super star Dolly Parton. There are numerous activities that take place here like, miniature golf, bungee jumping, indoor skydiving, go-carts, arcades and many many more.

This lace is also famous for shopping as you can find numbers of factory outlet malls and shopping centers here. You will get plenty of entertainment opportunities too as you will find music, comedy magic and dinner theatres too here at Pigeon Forge.


Camping is also a greatly liked activity over here at Great Smoky Mountains. One can find numerous large campgrounds here. And those who are braver can go deep into forest of Great Smoky Mountains and can enjoy wilderness to its peak.

So aren’t these all things enough to make you decide immediately right now that you are going to Great Smoky Mountains this time? Have fun and enjoy the peaceful natural beauty.

Facts About Great Smoky Mountains


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