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Hiking in the Philippines Could Be Your Best Hiking and Camping Adventure in Asia

Updated on September 28, 2010

Hiking in the Philippines and to Mount Pinatubo

Over the last few years, hiking in the Philippines has been one of the most favorite outdoor adventures among foreign tourists who are visiting the Philippines. Obviously, the country’s fresh show of stimulating and exotic spots is now being recognized around the world. By just checking the web and type in “travel to Philippines”, you will be presented with enormous selections of the best spots in the Philippines that you, your family, and friends would love to visit.

Unique Traits of the Country’s Mountains

One of the most exciting adventures you can experience in this unique tropical island is the trekking destinations. There are actually hundreds of spots where you can see the natural beauty of untouched forests, lagoons, falls, rapids and everything about natural resources. If you want the real and safest experience of hiking somewhere in Asia, then the Philippine destination is for you. The people are friendly and will be very glad to offer you to venture on their camping locations to make you experience the clean and refreshing nature that no other countries could offer.

To name some of the favorite destinations of mountain climbers, trekkers, mountain hikers, and nature lovers in the Philippines there is the Taal volcano, Mount Pulag, Mount Apo and Mount Mayon. Some of these are still active but you don’t have to worry they will explode on your feet because only about once in ten years or once in centuries that very few of them get to be active. Anyway, tourists and hikers will not be allowed to venture into these mountainous areas if there is a warning of activity. So all year round, these mountains are 100 percent safe to hike so you will always have the safest time to enjoy them. But to make sure you would not get lost, hire some local people to accompany you. The locals will be happy to help you for a minimum fee.

Mount Pinatubo

Lake at the crater of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines
Lake at the crater of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

Alive and Beautiful

Well, you read it right. Some of the best outdoor hiking mountains in the Philippines are still alive and asleep but the wonderful thing about that is that you get to see their craters up close. As an example, just few kilometers away from manila is Mt.Pinatubo. This mountain is also another classic example of hiking destinations for tourists. Mount Pinatubo is located at the intersection of the borders of Zambales province and Pampanga and around 55 miles northwest of Manila. It is almost 1,460 meters high so expect a long climb to get to the top.

After more than 500 years of inactivity, it erupted in 1991 and sent ash into the sky almost covering half of the planet’s atmosphere. Its tons and tons of lahars have destroyed billions of dollars worth of properties and claimed hundreds of lives. But today, the extinct mountain is now known to have the most amazing coverage of lush vegetations and the endemic trees and animals have once again flourished.

Almost everyday local and foreign tourists would want to flock into the area although it is a bit hard to trek the way up. Now, the most amazing thing about trekking Mount Pinatubo is the view up there, the fresh air and its crater is just like a huge opened mouth of a sleeping giant that is filled with water. And you know what, you can even go boating on its waters, sleep on the banks of the lagoon, and wake up in the morning with a refreshing natural ambiance. Truly, being with Mt.Pinatubo is just a great way to be with nature’s wonderful creation. Now, you would probably need to buy yourself a good camping tent because once you are there you may not want to leave the place.

Things You Should Have

Mountain hiking in the Philippines will enable you to see large forest reserve areas, countless mountains and volcanoes with untouched forests, vast lowlands and foothills and a variety of terrains that have waterfalls, streams teeming with fishes and vegetations endemic only on islands. However, during the rainy season which is usually from July to October, the trails tend to get sticky and muddy although this will not dampen the view you want to see. So better buy yourself hiking boots or preferably waterproof hiking boots and camping tents if you want to stay on top of the mountain for few days.

Also, tough mountain backpacks would be necessary as there are steep trails you have to undertake. Very few people live there so do not expect to see stores when you need to buy something. You will be hiking up into the mountains, remember? You must have camping sleeping pads, camping lanterns, flashlights, cooking stoves and other camping gears. You do not have to worry about wild animals because there are no such large wild animals that thrive in the Philippines anymore. So why don’t you try visiting the Philippines and you will be surprised with its wonderful natural resources aside from its pristine beaches.

Now, when it comes to buying hiking or camping tools and gadgets that would be no problem. You can easily find them online. You just place an order and the goods will be coming to you. Amazon and eBay is the two best sources of mountain tools and kits. You can purchase anything from small camping paraphernalia to hiking gears.


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