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The Wonder Climb to Mount Apo Philippines

Updated on May 27, 2013

The Majestic Mount Apo

Climb to the Mystical Mountain Mount Apo, Philippines

Have you ever planned on going on vacations to the Philippines to experience trail hiking? Well, there is actually no weather restriction if ever you may want to go there because generally the weather in the mountains are generally fair. However, to make sure you enjoy your outdoor travel to the island’s exotic mountains, it is better to make an outdoor travel to the Philippines during summer which usually begins on the month of March to August. The rest of the months are occasionally wet but this must not dampen the spirit of those who want to go mountain hiking during these days. In fact, more and more tourists prefer the rainy days because the air is colder. You just need waterproof boots and water proof camping tent, hiking gears and you are ready to go.

Best Recommended Mountain To Climb

If there is one mountain in the Philippines that is very popular for hiking, it is the MountApo in Davao. It is actually the highest mountain in the country at 2,954 meters high and located in Davao City, Mindanao. Because of its grandiose qualities, it was called "Apo" which means “master” or “grandfather” in local dialect. Now what makes Mount Apo so special is that among all hiking national parks in the Philippines, this mountain has a flat topped, have three peaks, and has a wide volcanic crater measuring around 500 meters wide at the top so there is literally a small crater lake on its peak.

If you inquire from Philippine travel blogs, you can find many impressive qualities about Mount Apo that is why it is one if not the most popular hiking destinations in the Philippines. It was declared a national park in May 9, 1936 by the late President Manuel L. Quezon and now this famous mountain is home to more than 270 bird species and it also has the highest land-based biological diversity when it comes to flora and fauna per unit area.

As the main source of geothermal energy for the province of Kidapawan in Mindanao, the mountain is still obviously alive but dormant for almost hundreds of years. Because of its rich volcanic soil, mountain climbers and hikers would surely be amazed at the exquisite beauty of natural resources they will encounter in the areas during their hikes. Average hikers may take 2 to 4 days to reach the majestic top but once there, travelers can see the Lake Venado which is very magnificent you would not think there is a grand lake up there. So far, this lake is one of the highest lakes in the Philippines.

Don’t Forget These

Now to make your hiking more easy and enjoyable, you must have proper equipment hiking gears. Don’t go up there as if you are just going to a nearby mountain. If you are really that adventurous and really want to experience real and unforgettable mountain trekking, have yourself the proper hiking boots preferably waterproof boots because from time to time you may encounter muddy tracks and trails due to soil erosion. Outdoor camping when you are on the top would also become momentous if you have camping accessories such as camping stoves, camping tent, camping lanterns and other camping necessities.

You also don’t want to drink on lagoons and rivers while on the trail so better have with you water that is contained on safe water bottles. And of course to carry all your stuff, you need to have a tough camping backpack that will be comfortable to carry. All these things are easily available and very much available at eBay and at Amazon. So, if you are ready to make your mountain hiking in the Philippines extraordinary and experience a unique experience of mountain climbing, hiking and trekking in the heart of Asia, choose Mount Apo in the Philippines. You will never regret this mystical experience because as local people say, Mount Apo is the land of mystics and wonders.


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