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Self Defence Beware the Sucker Punch. The Surprise Attack

Updated on August 21, 2014

Bullying: Don't Be Another Victim or a Bullies Fool!

By Dale Ovenstone: Updated August 2014

We All Love Surprises, But Only The Good Kind. The Nasty Kind of Surprise Could Get us a Good Hiding, or Even Kill Us!

This article implies to you if you are:

1: Innocent Folk Not Looking For Trouble, Or Expecting Violence

2: Trained or Training Martial Arts Practitioners

3: Trained or Training Boxers & Fighters

This Is VERY Important, I Think You Should Read On:

I want to bring to your attention a Must Know Technique, which is so important for personal self protection, that one day, what I am about to share with you may save you from a nasty beating; or may even save your life.

And this applies to you no matter how well trained, or how much of an expert you are at fighting; martial arts, cage fighting, Mixed Martial Arts, street fighting, self defence, scrapping, boxing, & taking care of yourself; or any other practices for self protection purposes. if you don’t adhere to what I share today, you may be defeated, lose a fight or even get yourself killed!

This Is Important:

Anyone, I mean ANYONE, can be physically attacked, assaulted, ANYWHERE, I mean anywhere (please understand this as a fact of life-and do take it on board)

What is more shocking; in the eyes of your aggressor he may not need a ‘real’ reason (that makes sense to you anyway) that encourages him to launch a vicious attack onto you. Even though he may even be a complete stranger to you-you don't know what is going on in his mind, do you?

How do I know this, you may ask; because I have experienced & witnessed many aspects of 'what the heck was that all about' no reason violent scenarios, throughout my life.

And NO I am NOT the aggressor; far from it in fact- I like to share my experiences hoping you won't have to find out the hard way, like I once did.

Here is my story: I used to be bullied in school. I used to be bullied in the street. I was once even bullied whilst being a young car driver (a shame, I know,) but I did do something about it.

And since then (I am 53 now) I have witnessed many unarmed, violent situations many times, and plenty of road-rage scenarios, too. Only problem is: it makes me sad to hear of good, or totally innocent persons getting knocked down & beaten by mindless thugs.

In fact, most of these violent cases could well have been avoided, If Only The Victim Had Spotted The Danger Signs & Seen It Coming.

Surprise Surprise.

They could create the opportunity to respond appropriately & maybe turn the tables in their favour-and a fair fighting chance against their aggressor(s) could have been adhered, at least.

So, what is this important aspect you must take on board at all times; especially when you are out and about in the street, shopping, work place, or out socializing, or even in your home or study place?

The Number One Most Important Trait For Personal Self Protection


Would you agree?

The Opposite of Awareness in Confrontation of Any Kind


Simply Put: Surprise Will Undoubtedly Beat Awareness Any Time

Simple awareness! Or, becoming a street predator instead of street prey to mindless louts and thugs and bullies; roaming McDonald's, out in the streets, in back allies, underground car-parks, Tescos & Asdas!

Becoming More Expectant Of Nasty Violent Situations Kicking Off. Anywhere at Any Time!

Let me bring to your attention some true life examples...

These outcomes occurred due to lack of awareness-if awareness was inbuilt into the victims fore-mind, who know's what the outcome could have been. Maybe a chance at least!

You decide...

A nice quiet young couple out for a drink in a quiet country pub. The guy has his back facing the crowd-his lady's sitting with her back to the wall. A few moments later 4 louts walk in, hover over the bar drinking beer-rowdy, obnoxious.

One could easily distinguish a few of the lads take a shine to this guys gal. Strangely they instil a hateful resentment towards the young guy accompanying her-and they didn't even know the fellow, or have made any eye contact.

After a little careful planning, what seemed like quiet talking; unprovoked, one bully walked right over to the young guy, from behind, and quietly WHAM!

The pub was in uproar the smack unearthly. A clean knock-out was the outcome-the poor seated chap never saw the spiteful blow coming!

Surprise surprise the bully knocked the lad right off his stool.

The Poor Fellow Was Not Aware. Unfortunately he learned the hard way. The pub exploded and he survived. From now on he is more AWARE and will keep his eye peeled. Unfortunately, and only through experience of such a violent SURPRISE ATTACK.

I know personally folk dear to me that are not the same after such unscrupulous incidences, and this breaks my heart.

Another Example:

A fellow I know personally-a doorman, bouncer. He is a big guy, rippling muscles, used to fighting even, not a trouble maker but a bit of an animal-someone who is use to spotting signs of trouble. This guy can look after himself.

Only problem is he let his guard down whilst out enjoying himself; nightclubbing, drinking a little too much beer, maybe; dancing with his lady having a darn good time, not bothering anyone until suddenly, from behind WHAM!

Surprise surprise, some smart ass with a personal grudge, or personal attitude towards the bouncer, bangs him one. He knocks the fellow clean out.

As I already mentioned, sometimes it is not even worth questioning why such unprovoked violence occurs. What is more important to know is IT DOES OCCUR, SO DO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE WORST, Before-Hand!

Another scenario:

This one example happened to me a few years ago.

Out in the street, walking, minding my own business. The day was beautiful. I spotted a group of 4 younger guys from the corner of my eye. They were hanging around, fidgeting, messing about but across the road.

So far so good...

The birds were singing the sun was shining. Suddenly they made their move. Wisely, I was expecting something!

The four guys walked over, and confronted me.

So what...

I still had them all in my site. Birds chirped intense and the sun beat harder.

I remained calm & unflinching. Quietly, especially expectant.

One brazen fellow stood quite near (although not in my personal safety space.) I stood poised. He asked me random questions, quite forcefully may I add, a little too rude his attitude was becoming.

I remained calm, cold eye contact no facial expression throughout-I spoke back, slow, cold, no tone-I anticipated, respecting my personal safety space.

The other 3 guys decided to spread out, alongside him. Now, there was a vast row of unruly action about to explode in my face, it looked like. I knew their intentions were for real, and not very nice.

Incidentally, & VERY IMPORTANT-This is The Moment I KNEW I WAS IN A FIGHT.

I stared colder, more poised. The sun beat harder. The birds chirped louder.

All of a sudden there was movement, my gaze flinched only briefly. Birds perched on telegraph wires stopped flying, and stared right back.

By now all four guys were spread out in front of me chanting, jittery, laughing, joking, spitting physical and verbal crap.

I decided to have TOTAL DISRESPECT for any of them-as calm and considerate as I am!

I had every guy in my sites-wisely, each chap was in view. And now, because of their actions & body language-jittery; something was telling me something's not right.

Lo & Behold, I Spotted Their Attempted DECEPTION! The Little Bleeders.

Strange, the one guy kept talking to me, quite nicely now 'getting my attention-DIVERTING MY ATTENTION-CAUSING ME TO PLACE MY FAITH INTO HIM, AS A FELLOW HUMAN BEING-so that I may even TRUST HIM!

The Darn Fool Was Utilising DISTRACTION! Damn It!

Only problem was, one of the fellows, I noticed, was sliding around towards the side of me. Hey up, I knew what they were up to. (But all in all, not one of them was inside my personal safety space, so I could relax in this knowledge.)

The guy was sliding around dodging my roving eye. The pace was getting rougher and the rowdy three distracting; by then, I nearly lost view of the one. But I wasn't going to let that happen. Only nearly; he was worming his way around to the side, or back of me, at least.

And Yes Folks This Means Only ONE THING!

Drum roles please let the music play

I only had two choices at this time. And 2 choices is all anyone ever needs. I knew they wanted action, because they were starting it. And one must Instantly Come To Terms With This Reality.

And they weren't going away!

But hear this: Once You Are Aware, You Always Have Choices!

Choice 1: Allow the guy to sneak around to my side, out of site of my roving eye. Then let the darn thug sucker punch me-Yes, I Seen This Happen SO MANY TIMES BEFORE.

And in my situation it would be my fault because I didn't see it, or expect it even. And then to reassuringly lay back on a blistering concrete bed out in the street whilst they all pile in and kick the crap out of me.


Choice 2: Take into consideration, preferably before it gets to this stage: IT REALLY IS ABOUT TO KICK OFF so therefore; BE AWARE FIRST. Launch your own VICIOUS attack onto them-fight for your life, but with control. (As a few of my Karate Instructors, Bob Huelin & Bob Bridal would say-Fight: Like You Are A One Man Army)

The way I perceive confrontation escalating from an aggressor is; it's either him or me. And that's how I see it today. I always know who I’d choose to come out on top. And the most important thing to understand, & come to terms with, is:

You honestly have to instil a protection of fight for yourself, inside your mind; and accept the consequences should there be any, there afterwards.

I do understand the consequences of defending myself in such attacks. I will therefore fight all I can in a place of justice-because I will defend myself no matter what, should it come to that.

And to defend yourself you have to realise and come to terms with this, also.

Trouble can kick off at any time, any place & for whatever reason what so ever. Sometimes a situation of violence, especially unprovoked, or of which may not make sense to you, can occur for no reason. But best measures; personal self protection should be practised both mindfully & physically and ongoing. Learn the danger signs, how to deal with them, and get a head start.

Lesson In Summary:

1: Don’t allow a surprise attack happen to you

2: Spot the red signs of danger

3: Utilise your personal safety space

4: Do not be intimidated.


An Example of a Deceptive Move to Engage Violence

An Example of a Deceptive Move

Watching this short video as a learning tool, you can see both men standing inside each others personal safety space.

One fellow is quite irate & one fellow is trying to reason with him.

They part safety spaces for a moment.

The calm one steps back into their safety space, and fires off his deceptive move.

The irate guy turns his head to follow the distraction and is therefore smacked for his troubles.

What would you do in this circumstance? Please let me know in the comments box below.

Many regards. Stay safe

Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Your most welcome shiningirisheyes sorry to hear about your ordeal, thank you for taking the time to read this article & for your comment, unfortunately, the way we tend to learn is to actually experience situations but fortunately, for the majority, they come out unscathed to be more 'aware' realising such encounters could happen in the future. We live & learn as the saying goes.

      The power of eye contact means so much once utilized into the right proportion & the correct way, in this instance, letting some outright careless thug know you are not to be messed with, your on his case & you know what he's up to, placing yourself within the 'predator mode' instead of becoming another victim' just to let him know what your all about.

      Regards Dale

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      More should read and pay attention to this informative hub as I was a victim of a surprise attack. I had an angel on my shoulder and some sharp stilletto heels on. By the grace of God, as I dragged my heel down his shin bone, a gentleman witnessing the entire scene came to my defense. Simultaneously the jerk let go to grab his leg and I was no worse for wear.

      The first mistake I made - not trusting my gut feeling. Although I approached my car with my keys gripped to stab, I had a terrible feeling come over me. I ignored it when I shouldn't have. I also no longer park in a dark unlit section of any area. I only escaped with shaken nerves due to an attentive bystander and a pair of heels. I carry a concealed compact pepper spray vial as well.

      That was quite a few years ago and now I make sure I look everyone directly in the eye as they pass. I want them to know, should they consider me a victim I can provide a good description WHEN I escape.

      I think looking someone in the eye makes them back up a bit. Just this one little body change can save you from what could be a terribe ordeal.

      I was bullied terrible in my school years and loath cowards.

      Great hub and I hope more take advantage of this insight.

      Blessings and regards to you, my friend across the pond.

    • Rain Defence profile image

      Rain Defence 

      6 years ago from UK

      Ah right, I thought you did a Jason Statham/Van Damme on their asses.

      One of the major benefits of training in martial arts for me has been an increased awareness. When in social situations, I can usually see when something is brewing and move out of the area rather than get caught up like I did when I was younger. Most people are oblivious to what happens around them, but I always keep an eye out. I never sit with my back to a room either!

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Rain Defence, I didn't need to, to fight is a last resort but, after a bit of forceful pushing to the one closest to me (to change all their attitudes towards me) & few calm & controlled words with seriously matching 'cold' eye contact, they eventually backed off.

      In other words, suddenly, the tables were turned because, at first, before they knew anything about me, they perceived me as a chance victim, a pushover but, once I showed them differently, they really didn't want to know.

      Not too much violence there, if it could be avoided with positive verbal & body language, that's what I do. It worked wonders taxi driving every single incident I experienced, & even in road driving incidences, I came out on top at all times, still, no violence or physical action was ever needed to remedy any of these situations & no, I never backed down so they could have their own way.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Rain Defence profile image

      Rain Defence 

      6 years ago from UK

      So did you chin all 4 then?


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