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Tennis Jobs and Careers

Updated on August 22, 2016

There are many tennis jobs and careers for those who love tennis so much that don't want to part with it even at work. Other than being a pro and play on ATP or WTA, you can choose several other options.


You can become a certified tennis teaching professional by obtaining a license. For this you don't necessarily have to be a pro. You can get a USTA teaching license being a 4.5-5.0 player. Then you can coach recreational players or kids at a club, or become a high school or college tennis coach.

Another option is a tennis director. But it will probably be the next step after being an instructor.


If you are more into business or management, you can find yourself in many more tennis related jobs and careers. Become a tennis facility manager or open your own tennis club. You can also try to find a job as a tennis camp director.

There are multitude opportunities for business and management professionals in tennis world. Take any tennis brand, be it well-known racquet and ball manufacturers like Wilson or Gamma, or not so well-known ball machine or tennis net manufacturers. These companies need people in their business departments.


More into sales? Become a Pro Shop manager or Tennis clothing and equipment manufacturer sales representative. You can also become an independent sales rep in a large tennis company (think BIG like Wilson, Head or Babolat!)


Are you a handyman, or may be a contractor? You can do that in tennis industry as well. Become a tennis court contractor or a stringer.

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Research & Development

Guess what? All those racquet and ball manufacturers spend millions of dollars on R&D to make their products stand out, create new technologies and make tennis develop more and more. And if you love science and engineering, why not combine it with tennis and start a career in a tennis corporation?

Sport Science

Here are tennis jobs and careers for science enthusiasts. If you are into sports science, become athletic trainer, consultant or researcher. You can also do research in tennis psychology and even write a couple of books on the topic.


Probably one of the most lucrative jobs for tennis lovers. What can be better than traveling the world, getting to attend tennis tournaments for free and writing about your favorite tennis players??? Become newspaper, magazine or television journalist. You can also create your own tennis related website or become a freelance sports photographer.

...And More...

All the major tennis industry organizations require bright people who are passionate about tennis to manage and administer their programs and other activities. Check out all major organizations and their career opportunities. Here are some examples of such organizations: USTA, WTT, WTA, ATP, ITA, USPTA, ITF, PTR, NIRSA and many more.


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    • Shushanik profile image

      Shushanik 4 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Great to hear! Good luck with consulting. Tennis is an exciting sport. I love it very much :)

    • ptrguy profile image

      Thomas Daniels 4 years ago from Kobe, Japan

      Great stuff man! Im a PTR member teaching in japan, but I stop paying my dues because of JPTR here, now Im going to start my own consulting business, this article helps. I want to travel the world and do clinics to help grow the game. love to talk to you,thanks.