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The UFC's Greatest Comebacks Part 1

Updated on January 19, 2011

I have written a lot of hubs on the fastest growing sport in the world,mixed martial arts and in particular the biggest organisation of this sport the UFC or ultimate fighting championships.I have written about the best ko's and also about some of the best fighters but what i haven't done yet is write about some of the greatest comebacks,for example when there is a fighter who is bloodied and looks utterly beaten but from nowhere pulls a fantastic move out of the bag or a stunning knock out.These end up being such good fights that you simply have to see them again and again.I will give you a list of some of my UFC hubs at the bottom of this hub.

I will list these fights in no particular order as I'm just writing them down as i remember them,there have been some real surprises in which i have ended up standing up screaming at the television as a fighter i was betting on to win ended up being submitted or ko'd in the dying seconds,Enjoy and see if you can remember if you saw these fights,if not then get to a store and buy the DVD quick.

UFC 125 Edgar Vs Maynard 2

 Now although this wasn't a comeback and win fight as it ended in a draw it was a show of utter determination and heart by the lightweight champion Frankie Edgar to comeback and fight four more rounds after being battered in the first.They both came out and Maynard at first looked bewildered by Edgar's quick foot movement and was tentative to say the least but within a minute or so he dropped Edgar with a big punch and then just continued to batter him,Maynard connected with 97 punches and it was 3 minutes or so of pure punishment for Edgar and my hat goes off to him for his sheer tenacity and heart,After surviving the first round Edgar came out and looked good in the second,he scored some heavy punches and landed a take down.The third and fourth rounds were confusing and i couldn't of scored them at all as it was back and forth action and although they showed signs of tiredness they both gave it their all in the fifth though i did have Edgar winning that round.The end result was a draw but they get to do it all again soon.Edgar came back from being virtually unconscious,great fight

UFC 117 Silva Vs Sonnen

 Anderson Silva the best fighter on the planet had had some bizarre performances leading up to this fight but that still didn't stop any of us from thinking that he was still bloody good,also no matter how good Chael Sonnens trash talk was about bringing the fight to Silva we all thought it was just that..Talk..Well didnt Sonnen prove us wrong,he battered Silva for four and a half rounds,punches kicks takedowns and then Vicious ground and pound to the point where myself and everyone else was thinking Silva is done,he is disheartened and battered and he is 2 minutes away from losing his title,then out of absolutely nowhere he pulls out a triangle choke and Sonnen tapped although it did look like he changed his mind after doing so but that was that Silva was still the champion and Sonnen had still proved his credentials,Loved this fight,hopefully they get to do it again one day.

UFC 116 Lesnar Vs Carwin

 This fight had been talked about for ages and was one i was especially looking forward to,i knew that Carwin had the most power in the ufc and that Lesnar could not take a decent punch,well i was wrong,kind of..Let me explain,Carwin started out the round and dropped lesnar with a big punch after a minute or so,he then continued to rain down on lesnar with such ferocity and intensity that i thought Lesnar would be stopped or he would verbally tap,he didn't he just kept moving to show the ref he was ok and then lasted till the bell,In the second round although Lesnar may have had a fuzzy head Carwin had blown his gas tank and was complaining of not feeling his legs,Boom Lesnar gets the take-down in seconds and within a minute he has Carwin in an arm triangle and gets the big man to tap out.Great comeback for Lesnar and proved that he is learning.

Scott Smith Vs Pete Sell TUF 4 Finale

 Now although these were not the top calibre fighters they were still entertaining fighters who were both out for a win,it was basically a full on slug-fest and quite sloppy at some points but very entertaining,mid way through the second round Sell caught Smith with a huge boy punch which caused Smith to drop,now this was where it looked a done deal as Smith looked out for the count and badly hurt,As Sell rushed in to finish him off Smith stood and outstretched his arm landing a huge punch that caught Sell flush and ended his night quickly.

UFC 114 Duffee Vs Russow

 The huge and highly talked about Todd Duffee had already on his debut scored the fastest knockout in history with a 7 second destruction of Tim Hague so it was just a full gone conclusion that he would destroy the unknown Mike Russow who looked mightily out of shape compared to the gladiatorial Duffee,Russow took whatever Duffee threw at him for two rounds including several nasty uppercuts but from out of nowhere he threw a looping punch that landed clean on Duffee's temple and ripped him from consciousness,Duffee was out before he hit the canvas,and that was pretty much the end of his ufc career

UFC 81 Mir Vs Lesnar

 This was a fight the mma world was watching as they waited to see if the ex wwf star could make the transition to mma and defeat a legend in Frank Mir,Well it started out with Lesnar getting a huge take-down and then landing some vicious ground and pound from the top but the the referee stopper the action and deducted a point form Lesnar from hitting the back of the head which he probably did due to his over eagerness to finish.The two started on their feet and Lesnar dropped him with a punch and then continued his reign of destruction on Mir's face,Mir attempted several submissions but to no avail as Lesnar kept moving but then he grabbed a leg and forced Lesnar to tap out via knee bar.A bloodied and battered Mir then runs round the cage celebrating.


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