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The World Cup Twenty Top Quotes

Updated on June 2, 2014

World cup

The World Cup

This tournament is the biggest event in World Soccer. The greatest players and the greatest teams compete for the ultimate prize of World Champions.

All the continents unite for this football festival, and as always in the game of football there are plenty of talking points.Here are some of my favourite quotes from the past World Cups.

Football's Greatest

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Top twenty great world cup quotes

It never crossed our minds that we would lose.No,no never.It didn't come into it .Bobby Moore, captain of England,s winning World Cup team in 1966.

You were a crap player, you are a crap manager. The only reason I have any dealings with you is that somehow you are manager of my country and you're not even Irish, you English ****. You can stick it up your bollocks. Roy Keane, allegedly said to Mick McCarthy, the Ireland manager, that got him sent home from the 2002 World Cup.

I'm sure sex wouldn't be as rewarding as winning the World Cup. It's not that good, but the World Cup is every four years and sex is not. Ronaldo Brazilian World Cup Winner.

We began preparing for penalties as soon as we qualified for the last 16. there was always the chance it would happen. Franz Beckenbauer after his team beat England on penalties in the 1990 World Cup Semi-final.

I think the reason people are going to love to see the World Cup in the US, is because it's a different show. Pele 1992.

If David Seaman’s dad had worn a condom, we’d still be in the World Cup. Nick Hancock after England's defeat to Brazil in the 2002 World Cup.

We didn't underestimate them they were better than we thought. Bobby Robson England Manager after beating Cameroon 3-2 in 1990.

When Pele scored the fifth goal in that Final, I have to be honest and say I felt like applauding.
Sigvard Parling, member of the Sweden side that lost to Brazil in the 1958 World Cup Final.

I can't be sure I would not do the same again because in the heat of the game,your hand goes off on it's own. Diego Maradona

We were expecting Winston Churchill and instead got Iain Duncan Smith. Gareth Southgate on Eriksson's team talk at half-time in the 2002 World Cup quarter-final against Brazil. Leading 1-0, England lost 2-1

We lost the world cup but I won another cup: my life. Ronaldo after Brazil lost to France in the 1998 final.

I believe we are one of five or six teams who can win it. If we have a bit of luck, our ambition must be to be in the final in Berlin on 9 July. I think we will get there. Sven Goran Eriksson on England's chances at the World Cup in Germany 2006.

Only if there's an outbreak of bubonic plague. Giovanni Trapattoni when asked if he will select Paolo Di Canio for his Italy World Cup squad in 2002.

The Irish force an unattractive game on the opposition. No team has managed to escape this contagious crap. Ahmed El-Mokadem Egypt official after 0-0 draw with Ireland 1990.

He was the heartbeat of the team in 1966. He was my right -hand man, my lieutenant on the field, a cool, calculating footballer i could trust with my life. Sir Alf Ramsey on his winning captain in 1996.

We felt very good before the tournament. Pele was saying that we were going to win, and if Pele was saying that, then we were going to win the World Cup.
Carlos Alberto, Brazil's 1970 World Cup-winning captain.

We are very pleased Roger Milla unretired. Valeri Nepomniachi on Cameroon's ageless striker at the 1990 finals.

For the sake of peace and quiet, we hope England don't win the World Cup or no other sporting event until the middle of the next century, and even then it's only the world whist championship. Scottish Sun 1991.

Public enthusiasm in the US for the 1994 World Cup is about the same as it is for the Communist Party. Archie McPherson.

Before the match, I told myself that Pele was just flesh and bones like the rest of us. Later I realised I'd been wrong. Tarcisio Burgnich, Italy defender who competed against Pele in the 1970 World Cup Final.


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    • SpiffyD profile image

      SpiffyD 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Nick Hancock on David Seaman was Some real classics here though.

    • tazzmania89 profile image

      tazzmania89 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

      "Before the match, I told myself that Pele was just flesh and bones like the rest of us. Later I realised I'd been wrong."

      now thats funny

    • Canklefish profile image

      Bizz 7 years ago from East Coast

      I'm really looking forward to this year's World Cup. Just around the corner.

      Nice Hub!