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The best ufc fights ever volume 2

Updated on January 17, 2010


This is the follow up to my extremely successful hub The best ufc fights ever.As is the case with mma and the ultimate fighting championships there are so many good fights its impossible to list them all without ending up with a huge hub that gets boring to read so this is volume 2 featuring some of the best fights over the past few years featuring some of the best fighters from the ufc.Keep your eyes pealed for volume 3 coming soon......

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlie Silva ufc79

What a battle this was, two of the sports legends in the octagon,all i can say is I'm surprised there was no knockout as both of these two fighters love to stand and trade.This fight was 6 years in the making as they had originally been lined up to fight in the now defunct pride division,it never happened as Chuck was ko'd by Rampage.Back and forth action with Chuck being a little too heavy handed for Silva to deal with and eventually winning unanimously on points

Bj Penn vs George St Pierre ufc94

Bj Penn moving up to welterweight to face one of the pound for pound best in George St Pierre,this was deemed to be a meeting of two of the greatest warriors in the ufc and mma but ended up being a one sided beating by Gsp on the much smaller Bj Penn,Gsp managed to take Bj down repeatedly which no one had managed to do before and once down Gsp managed to pass Bj's guard with apparent ease which again, no one had managed to do before.It got so bad that at the end of the fourth round Bj's corner through in the towel after closer inspection Bj had taken 189 blows to the head and it showed,He was simply outclassed by a stronger,fitter,faster opponent.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Forrest Griffin

This was the fight that first got a friend of mine into the ufc and mma,It was a championship bout for the light heavyweight belt that Rampage had.The fight went exactly as i thought it would with Rampage trying to take Griffins head off with the huge power he possess in each of his hands and Griffin playing the in and out game,In with leg kicks and punches then step out of harms way,This fight was quite up and down and Rampage had Griffin on his backside twice but Griffin hung on and won the decision and became the light heavyweight champ.

Kevin Burns vs Anthony johnson 2

This one was definitely a blink and you will miss it fight,If you haven't watched the first fight these two had then do so,On the one hand you have Anthony Johnson,one of the most explosive fighters in mma vs Kevin Burns who was a newcomer but with big power in his hands,These two went toe to toe but Burns who broke his hand 3 times in a year couldn't keep his fist closed so kept poking Johnson in the eye until one eye poke counted Johnson out as he hit the canvas screaming and the ref called it Burns way.Well the rematch was immediately set up and didn't disappoint,roughly the same as before except Johnson had fire in his eyes and from nowhere produced a highlight reel head kick that had burns unconscious before he hit the floor....Lights out.

Houston Alexander vs Kieth Jardin

Houston Alexander was a relatively unknown fighter when he came into this bout against a formidable foe such as Kieth Jardin,Alexander was certainly not unknown when he walked out of the cage a winner in less than a minute,Alexander looked dangerous enough with his chiseled physique and aggressive features but Jardin was known for his dangerous hands and hard to read posture,Well Alexander got hold of him and Uppercutted him until he dropped onto his face unconcious in under a minute,Alexander was here to stay and Alexander was the one with scary power.

Houston Alexander watching his fight

Paul Kelly vs Paul Taylor ufc 80

This fight was when the ufc was in England so as usual the ufc put a few British fighters on the card and when they did these two must of had a chat with each other and said "look lets show the Americans we mean business and lets win the fight of the night bonus,and you know what they came up trumps on both scores,These two went at it toe to toe for three rounds doing the Brits proud and earning fight of the night bonuses,If you get a chance watch it because these two just stood and traded.Brilliant


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