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The boxers with the greatest punches and knockouts in boxing history

Updated on November 19, 2011

(Author’s note: the list mentioned here is not in particular order. Some of the fighters that made it here are even considered greatest in the sports of boxing)

The world already saw a lot of exciting boxers that are loaded with stinging and crippling punches. These prized combatants can easily bowl convincingly over their hapless opponents on the ring and made the fans in great awe and even in disbelief. The boxers endowed with skills in handing out formidable punches may shorten a boxing fight and will let them pile-up rousing victories here and there en route to toting a remarkable win-loss record which history will inevitably embrace.

A vicious knockout may send a fallen warrior in the canvass which may cause serious injuries and may cause an end or taint in a boxing pugilist’s career. Thus, the combatants will try their best to avoid getting floored with a solid punch or series of lethal combinations.

On the other hand extracting strings of knockouts is one of the primary objectives of each boxer since it shortens their ordeal and at the same time help them gain popularity, improve their records and bolster their reputation on the ring. Thus, aside from winning via unanimous or split decision every boxer is doing his best to earn a stoppage especially in the early stages of a boxing match.

The feisty Edwin Valero in your left.
The feisty Edwin Valero in your left. | Source

Here is the list of boxers that are equipped with lethal and powerful punches that help them accumulate the most knockdowns or knockouts in boxing history:

Edwin Valero

Venezuelan Edwin Valero is a former world superfeatherweight and lightweight champion before he was convicted of rape and died last year at the young age of 29. A very feared warrior, Valero, hold an amazing record of 27-0, with 27 KOs including 19 in the first round. Valero could’ve meet Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines but his early death prevented this dream match to push through.

Jack Dempsey

Next in the list is former world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey who dished out another great win-loss record of 32-0, with 28 Kos, including 17 in the first round from 1918 to 1923.

Ray Robinson

Another boxer who wowed the world with his fierce boxing form and uncanny punches is Ray Robinson. Also considered as one of the most durable and prolific boxers of all-time, Robinson accumulated a massive record of 109 knockdowns. One of his knockdowns came at the expense of Gene Fullmer in circa 1957 where Robinson unleashed a flawless left hook to pull down his opponent with a masterful and crisp triumph.

Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong which is also known for a terrifying moniker, that is, “Homicide Hank” annexed three weight classes successively and mustered a very impressive record of 97 KOs.

Archie Moore

Archie Moore has the distinction of being the boxer with the most knockouts as he collected an astonishing 37 stoppages. He also holds the distinction of hacking out a superb knock out against legendary Rocky Marciano. The pride of Brockton, Marciano still managed to keep his unblemished record as he escaped with a startling win over Moore.

The legendary Rocky Marciano in your right...
The legendary Rocky Marciano in your right...

Rocky Marciano

A legend in the sport of boxing, the enigmatic Rocky Marciano on the other hand, is a potent force when it comes to handing out devastating punches. His right hand was dubbed as Susie-Q and hanged his boxing gloves with a clean 49-0 record, including huge 43 KOs.

Joe Louis

Another very prominent knockout artist and boxer with complete arsenal is Joe Louis. Louis who is also called the "Brown Bomber" collected 69 knockdowns including 54 KOs. Moreover, only three of his 25 title matches went the distance.

James J. Braddock who carries the alias, the "Cinderella Man" quipped, “When you’re hit by Louis, it’s like a light bulb breaking in your face.”

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson who knockedout a bull in one of his advertisements during his heydays registered a scintillating 44 KOs in 50 wins. Tyson scored 22 knockdowns in the opening round.

George Foreman

Another very tough heavyweight pugilist just like Tyson who is George Foreman is next in the list. Foreman wounded up with a 76 victories with 68 KOs. He had 15 KOs in the first stanza.

Earnie Shaver

Earnie Shaver’s fearsome form in the boxing ring is also an enigma. Shavers scored a boxing record for the most consecutive KOs, scored a scintillating 27 straight knockouts including rousing victories over Ken Norton and Jimmy Ellis in the first round. One of Shaver’s opponents even asked a life insurance from his promoter before meeting him in the boxing ring.

Pacquiao decking Briton Ricky Hatton in the second stanza
Pacquiao decking Briton Ricky Hatton in the second stanza | Source

Manny Pacquiao

And last but definitely not the least is Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao rounds out the list of greatest punchers in the boxing history. The Philippine’s boxing protagonist is the current world’s no. 1 pound-for-pound and the reigning WBO champion. Pacquiao had 38 knockdowns in 53 victories. He also scored five knockouts in the first round.

Pacquiao could’ve bolstered his knockout record if his opponents did not opt to play defensive on his last few games. Shane Mosley resisted engaging in fierce exchanges of punches later in the round after he was floored in the first round. Joshua Clottey played like a turtle from start to finish. Pacquiao did not opt to score a knockdown win over Antonio Margarito even he has the chance of doing it.

One of Pacquiao’s greatest triumph in his career is perhaps against British Ricky Hatton. Pacquiao delivered a solid single left hook to the jaw of Hatton in the second round. Pacquiao’s vicious one-punch triumph is one of the most spectacular in boxing history. Pacquiao also polished his right hand to complement his lethal left.

Here you have it feel free to "like" this if you enjoyed it. I really appreciate you find time to read this... If you have suggestions or comments feel free to fire them...


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    • profile image

      Mitch 4 years ago

      Edwin Valero was not convicted of rape. He stab his wife to death in his hotel room and turned himself into the police. He hung himself in his cell days later.

    • profile image

      lesliebyars 4 years ago

      Awesome list if knockout punchers. Let me add Julian The Hawk Jackson and Thomas Hearns to that list of knockout artists.

    • S.Graveson profile image

      S.Graveson 5 years ago from Cumbria, UK

      Great hub. What do you think of the likes of Jimmy Wilde and Jhonny Gonzalez?

      Also, just one slight mistake, the article says Moore knocked out Marciano, he just knocked him down.

    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 6 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      Thanks sax... Yeah they will be include in the list soon hopefully hehehe...

    • saxrunner profile image

      saxrunner 6 years ago

      Really enjoyed this hub, especially the bit about Rocky Marciano.

      Do you think Mayweather or Ortiz will one day make the list? Voted up!