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Top Twenty Best Football Quotes- Manchester City FC

Updated on June 3, 2012

Manchester City Quotes

There is more than one footballing team in Manchester and the blue moon of city is starting to rise again.You will have to have a good memory to remember the great City era of great players such as Franny lee and Colin Bell. Now they boast world stars such as Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero The Sky Blues managers have included the charasmatic Malcom Allison and Kevin Keegan. All great characters who have helped make City a great club.

Here are some great quotes from the proud players and managers that have been involved with Manchester City down the years.

Allison and Mercer
Allison and Mercer

The Managers Quotes

The object of playing any game is for enjoyment. If you have enjoyed it and done your best you have won no matter what the result. Joe Mercer.

I told the players to go home and have a drink. They should be disappointed by the result, but not by the performance. We are very close to United now, very close. Roberto Mancini.

It's like Star Trek. He boldly goes where no man has gone before. Howard Kendall on Peter Reid

My mum always told me not to go near the main road.
Kevin Keegan

Join the club.Stuart Pearce, to Robbie Fowler after he missed a penalty that cost City a European place.

We brought in six or seven players and we got it right except one and that was my fault. Bianchi didn’t suit English football – he did OK but was not as good as I hoped. Sven Goran Erriksson.

At this club, all I see is great backing all the way down for me and I will be judged on results like the next man. Stuart Pearce.

Football is strange. When you think you can win easy, you must have maximum concentration. Roberto Mancini.

I hate watching.It's making me go grey. Peter Reid.

Howard Kendall worked things out very quickly. Good luck to him for seeing the problems before I did.It's a club where you can be the worlds greatest and the world's worst within a few days. Mel Machin.

Genius is great when it is on song.It is more of a nuisance when it goes bad,because it contaminates and destroys what is around it. Joe Mercer.

Kinkladze fans favourite
Kinkladze fans favourite

The Players Quotes

I learned my trade at Arsenal and became a footballer at Manchester City. Niall Quinn.

The fans are absolutely unbelievable at this club and I owe them so much.
Gio Kinkladze.

It's very different to Spain. The weather is obviously different and Manchester is colder. But it is a wonderful experience and one I want to treasure and take forward. David Silva on his arrival at Man City.

I am just hearing now about what was said. Everyone has their opinions in football. I am at a club with big ambitions. We know where we want to get and that's right up there. We missed out on the top four last season but Manchester City are better equipped to get there. Everything is set up here - from the backroom staff to the players. You want to be at a club that is successful and I can see Manchester City going to the top of the English game and winning trophies. James Milner.

You have to face facts. We have not brought quality in. One or two have done all right but not enough to take the team onto the next level. We can't gamble on players who have scored six goals in six games in a League in Belgium. I know a lot of the supporters who don't no whether to buy their season tickets. They go out and work hard. It is a lot of money to buy a season ticket here, and they are not getting value for money. Joey Barton.

Rooney is good but he's not the best in Manchester.Mario Balottelli

I'm crap. There's not another player at the club who can cross a ball as badly as me.Richard Edgehill.

But I am thriving on the responsibility, both on and off the field. If the lads are a bit down then it’s up to me to make sure they are in the right frame of mind. If things are not going well on the field then it’s up to me to lead by example. Sometimes in a game – even with the best will in the world – a striker can drift out for 10 minutes and then come back in to it. Now that I am captain, I can’t afford to do that. You have to be 100 per cent concentrated all the time. Carlos Tevez

There's no loyalty in football any more. The much travelled Craig Bellamy after he left City for Cardiff.

I socialise,I enjoy a laugh and a beer with the players,. You need to be a little detached.There are tough decisions to be made at times , and they are even tougher if you are closer. Peter Reid player- manager.

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote comes from Manchester City chaplain Tony Porter..........

If I wasn't praying for City, just think where we might be.

Let me know if you have any favourite Man City quotes.


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