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Using Jerkbait For Jerkfishing

Updated on March 24, 2011

About jerk lures

Jerk lures are topwater,sinking or suspending.Jerk lures weight begins at 1.23 oz(35 gr) and ends about 4.23-5.29oz (120-150 gr)

In early spring when waters are still cold and fish is deeper you should use fast sinking lures.
When the waters warm up and fish move to lower waters, slow sinking lures will be better.After fish have spawn, better lures will be more natural looking and more aggressive, you should use topwater or suspending lures.

In summer when pikes are active then rolling should be faster.Usually people get big pikes at evening, when pikes are near a reef.In my opinion best jerk lures to warm water are Sweet Shad, Salmo Slider, Baby Jerko, Dikkop, Piglet and Buster Jerk II.My personal favorite is salmo slider.In lakes pikes are at summer in the deepest places so using jerk may not be such a good idea there.

Salmo Slider - Real Perch
Salmo Slider - Real Perch

A must have lure..One of the best.


 When waters get cold again pike gets very active and it´s easy to catch them, almost with every cast you get one, problem is that they all are so small, exept few.

When autumn continues you should increase size of your jerk lures and you can bring out jerks with peaceful game.Pike may now be very low.Big pikes cached at low water will give you unforgettable moments.

At the end of the season most of pikes goes deeper in the water again and now you can bring out the deeper lures again.Few pikes will still remain in lower waters to eat.Now it´s time for peaceful lures.At the end of the season you may get less pikes but the size of the pike can be a pleasant surprise.

There are many jerk baits out there and i cannot say which are the best, but there are some better and some not so good jerk bait lures..Mos remarkable jerk bait lure is Salmo Slider, it is just impossible do not get a fish with this lure, i strongly recommend you to get this lure.What makes this lure so special then, you may ask, it is special because in jerk fishing the most important time is stop and when you stop lure goes deeper and when Salmo Slider goes deeper it plays from one side to another.Many other lures have that also, but those lures just don't have the same results somehow..If you are planing to begin jerk fishing then think out side of the box by saying that i mean don´t use American nr. 1 lure or Rapala in that matter..Search for other companies also, like Salmo, Salmo is very good company when it comes to jerk baits.It´s not only my opinion many fishermen who are familiar to jerk fishing will tell you do use Salmo Slider.

Jerk fishing technique

If Jerk lure is thrown, then first fishing line is tauten and fishing rod´s tip is pointed to the lure.Next they move the rods tip to the water.After the hit lure will begin to move, then they roll until the fishing line is tauten and make another hit down to the water and that until you have the lure near you or until pike will take it.


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