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Best Zipp Wheels

Updated on August 5, 2012

Zipp Wheels

Zipp Wheels

So, you are looking to buy some new tri bike wheels or road bike wheels and you want to buy the fastest carbon wheels out there then you need Zipp Wheels. You know what I'm talking about you've seen them at your last race on all the fast guys and girls bikes. Black deep dish rims and dimpled like a golf ball. They make a very distinct huff huff huff sound as they are overtaking you as well. You remember that right. So now you can get some fast wheels of your own, and even if you aren't the fastest racer out there on Saturday at least your bike will look the part right.

Zipp Wheels Technology

Zipp wheels use aircraft grade carbon technology to make very stiff lightweight bicycle wheels for pro and amateur cyclists alike. This technology allows for a wheel that will cut the wind using the same technology as the golf ball. Those dimples we were talking about. Also with a large dish surface yet be very stable in cross winds even with a disc wheel. If you go to any large triathlon or even a local triathlon all of the top women's and men's finishers will be riding on Zipp carbon wheels. Most of these athletes especially at the local level are not sponsored athletes they just know the fastest wheel set when they see it, and that's what they want on their bike.

Zipp Wheel Sizes

Zipp Wheels

Zipp wheels come in several different sizes. All the different sizes have the aerodynamic properties that Zipp Wheels are known for. The main sizes are the Zipp 101, the Zipp 101 is actually an aluminum wheel with aerodynamic properties so a little stronger mainly for road racing. The Zipp 202 a very stiff wheel set designed for crits and racing on cobblestones. The Zipp 303 a very light and strong wheel set designed for rough roads and is also used in cyclocross so if it will stand up to an off road event like that it will stand up to your local potholes. The Zipp 404 is a very deep dish wheel very aerodynamic and has won it's share of Kona podiums. This is the wheel for you if you are a regular racer. If you want to spend the money you can see some times come down in your age group on your bike leg with any of these wheels but to me the Zipp 404 offers the best dish and aerodynamics with a little compromise so crosswinds don't cause problems for you. The Zipp 808 and 1080 are still deeper yet than the 404 and offer more aerodynamics and stiffness. The 1080 is a very deep and fast wheel this is probably the fastest wheel they build besides a 1080 disk combination but I would prefer just the 1080 personally but to me these are just for races so you need two sets of wheels and that gets expensive but all of these are. But, hey if your riding a P4 then what's expensive right. Seriously though any of these wheel sets will give you some speed and I would love to have those 303's on my Cyclocross bike.

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Zipp 404

Zipp 808


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