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Athletic Sports Gifts

Updated on April 4, 2014

Gift Ideas for sports athletes

It's really wonderful what sports can do to a person's life, so I think it's awesome that your looking for gift ideas for the sports athlete on your gift list. I really enjoyed playing sports as a kid and played games like basketball, volleyball, football etc... In fact I still participate in sports regularly. Sports are good for you, but as someone who participates in sports on a regular basis, it is about much more than just the physical exercise I've learned.

When we play in an organized sport, we learn to work together as a team. Plus, keeping active in athletic sports stops that sedentary lifestyle which may cause serious health problems that can occur from obesity. Physical and mental skills are developed as athletes learn drills, and strategies. Let's not forget the fun factor! There has to be fun involved, we remember the fun times most of all.

The other day a friend of mine, who is really is not an athlete, asked me, "what in the world should I get for Mark (a mutual friend)? He's quite the sporty type and I do not know where to start!" Relax I said, it's hard to go wrong when you buy a gift for an athlete because they typically have a list of needs and wants related to fitness, exercise and the sport itself.

Let's face it sports equipment takes a beating and needs to be replaced because it simply wears out. Plus athletic gear is always improving as new innovations are incorporated. It may seem like he or she is really attached to their gear, but it's funny how most sports enthusiasts are not sentimental when it comes to their gear. When something better comes along they'll typically toss that old athletic gear in the closet and play on. So finding the perfect sports player gift doesn't have to be difficult. The key is to a gift giving home run is to make sure that what ever your giving the athlete is an upgrade over what they currently have. Below are gifts that are sure to please your athlete.

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NEW!!! Athletic Sports Gift Ideas

What gifts for Sports and Athletics are new and exciting? Here's a sample of presents recently added...


e are continually have our eyes peeled for the best Athletic Sports Gift Ideas on the planet. When a customer recommends a gift or we find something awesome while out shopping for gift ideas, we'll feature it right here in this part of the Athletic Sports Gift Guide. It could be something retro, or it could be a new, popular and highly rated item. If gift shoppers like it enough to buy it, I'll put it on our AAA gift ideas page. In other words, this is our beta gift test section!

SKLZ 10 Man

Flag Football



Discatcher Sport

Disc Golf Target



Pro Style

Training Gloves

(Red, 16 oz.)


3D Golf Swing

Analyzer, iPhone

iPad & Android





Growing up soccer was not my best sport, so I have a great respect for those players who can play well I envy your talent for playing with all parts of your body, including your head. We do however have a soccer player in the family and I live vicariously through her.

If you have family member, friend or a loved that participates in the sport of soccer, there are a lot of gift possibilities for soccer players. For instance they always seem to need socks because they run around so much they wear out the ones they have very quickly and shoes too. A nice new gym bag is always a welcome gift, so is a hacky sac.

But honestly nothing beats having a nice new soccer ball. A soccer traditions for decades, this basic black-and-white soccer ball (left) is a perfect gift for the old-school soccer player. This traditional soccer ball from Wilson is ready to play the game. This ball is the official size and weight.

PUGG Goal 6 Footer Portable Training Goal (1 Pair)

exercise & fitness
exercise & fitness

How about an athletic sports gift that will improve his or her performance. I find that a regular exercise routine improves my overall level of fitness and that greatly improves my skiing and all around sports performance. Proper fitness and exercise helps improve strength, coordination boosting athletic performance.

Fitness & exercise is vitally important to the sports athlete, and there simply wasn't enough room here so we have a gift guide specifically dedicated to fitness and exercise equipment. We hope you'll stop by and take a look at the great selection of exercise and sports fitness equipment.

Fitness & Exercise Gift Ideas

Basketball is my favorite team sport to play, although I'm not very good at it, I really do like playing basketball. We have a portable basketball hoop out in the driveway, you know one of those with the weighted bottom. It's got a 60" Acrylic backboard made by Spalding. (pictured left)

Help your player perfect his or her shooting skills with the ultimate portable basketball system. Just fill the base and roll unit to your desired location in the driveway, patio, or street. Having it right at home makes it easy to enjoy with family and friends, the way it was meant to be. Virtually unbreakable 60-inch Acrylic backboard.

SKLZ Shoot-Around - Basketball Ball Return Trainer that allows players to hone their skills faster than ever. It's an automatic ball return that allows fast repetitive shooting, improving training, conditioning and all without a rebounder. It's genius.

If you have a football player in the family, you know what I mean when I say that they are a breed unto themselves. When I asked mine what he wanted for Christmas he said a win.

Looking for a gift for the high school or college football player? You can score a touchdown for the team with a well selected present which is also a great way to motivate your star football player.

Grab onto some football action with the Wilson NFL MVP Football. Most players would like a new football and this one by Wilson is made from a "tackified" material with deeper pebble and a grippy texture.

Athletic Sports Gift Spotlight: Multi-Sport Pitch Back - An athletic sports gift idea multi-sport players can use all year long!

Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Pitch Back Screen
Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Pitch Back Screen

Practice kicking and passing soccer balls, catch pop flies or grounders, work on passing and catching a basketball, or train in any other sport with the Champion Sports Multi-Sport Pitch Back Training Screen.


Growing up in boy sprouts, I played volleyball once a week. Where our meetings were held we had a big gymnasium and we would play for a couple of hours after the main meeting. I really enjoy playing volleyball and nowadays we still play at family gatherings and such. We have the set pictured to the right called the Spectrum Classic Volleyball Set from Park & Sun and it works very well for us.

If you simply want to get your volleyball player a competition quality volleyball, here's the MicroCell Composite VQ2000 Volleyball from Mikasa. With the exclusive Mikasa Micro Cell composite cover that has set the standard for all other composite game balls.

Softball is an awesome great game you never outgrow, from elementary school kids through high school, college and even well beyond with plenty of adult leagues, once an enthusiast always a softball enthusiast. Several years ago when I was working as a shuttle driver at a resort hotel in California, they had a softball team in the local adult league, and I was on it for a few seasons. It was a really really a fun group of people and we had as much fun off the field as we did playing the game itself. After the game we'd meet at a local pub, have a beer and socialize...

A great way to both show support and motivate your softball player is with a thoughtful gift whether it's a birthday, Christmas and achievement or whatever. You know

Here's a really nice bat pack to hold plenty of equipment. Key features include a zippered cleat pocket, padded laptop sleeve and of course 2 bat sleeves secure his or her primary and back up softball bats.

sports fans cheering
sports fans cheering

Sports Fan Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the worlds #1 sports fan...

Sports are cool! Not only do I like to participate in various sports, but I am quite the sports fan too. I find that my buddies are the same way, after the softball game we'll head to the man cave crack open a cold beer and turn on the game. Whether it's basketball, football or hockey we each have our favorite teams that we like to cheer for and support.

In the man cave I have got a great collection of fun souvenirs and sports memorabilia from my favorite teams and players too. Have you seen the cool stuff that they have come up with nowadays? It's just awesome! From NFL and NBA team apparel to NCAA mascot garden gnomes there's a great gift just waiting to be found at our sports fan gift guide

Here's our popular gift guide featuring gift ideas for avid golfers.
Here's our popular gift guide featuring gift ideas for avid golfers.

When I was a kid I grew up across the street from a driving range which was connected to a golf course. One summer I decided I was going to become a golfer. I spent hours driving golf balls at the driving range, then I purchased a golf pass at the local golf course. I went out golfing almost every afternoon after work, I got off at 3pm. I really enjoyed the game. After that summer I'd play several times a year, often when we were on vacation somewhere with an awesome course. Come to think of it I have not played for a few years now, I guess I've had other pastimes competing with the same time but I hope to get out this summer.

Your golf nut will keep golf equipment and personal items organized and accessible with this dandy Golf Organizer that fits conveniently in your cars trunk. Helps organize golf shoes, balls, tees, books, shirts, towels and other accessories.

Athletic Sports Gift Spotlight: Pocket Radar - Personal radar speed gun is an essential sports training tool for many sports.

Accurate to within 1 mile per hour.

Classic Model / All Purpose Pocket Radar Gun
Classic Model / All Purpose Pocket Radar Gun

This Radar Gun from Pocket Radar offers great accuracy at a fraction of the cost of a big radar gun, yet it's no larger than your typical compact camera. The modest size helps take readings without effecting the behavior of athletes so much...

The sports radar gun accurately measures a baseball from 120 feet out, or a car up to 1/2 mile away, but it does more than those clunky radar speed guns too, including tell you the ball exit speed off the bat, stick, club or racquet, and not only measure runner speed but acceleration also.


Most people don't know this, but I tried out for my college tennis team, unfortunately I didn't make the cut. But that's OK it certainly didn't stop me from playing the game and having fun on the court. Enough of me let's talk gifts.

So, It's a friend's birthday coming up soon, and she is nuts about tennis and you trying to come up with the ideal gift for her? Surprise your obsessed tennis player friend with a unique gift from her favorite sport. Choose from any of these great gift ideas to get your special tennis player a unique and thoughtful present.

Have you ever noticed how tennis balls seem to lose their pressure after a while? Well your not imagining things. Tennis balls actually leak and playing with flat tennis balls is a drag. That's why I use a device called the Tennis Ball Saver which keeps my tennis balls fresh and bouncing like new. What the ball saver does is slow the rate in which pressure leaks from the tennis ball, thereby extending the ball's playable life, and it works too!

Extreme Sports Enthusiast Gifts

Gifts for those extreme sports freaks...

So you've got somebody on your gift shopping list that likes to participate in extreme sports like skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, scuba diving, motocross or jumping out of perfectly good planes!

Have we got a gift guide for you! Because not everybody is happy running around a field chasing a ball, we have been forced to put together a Extreme Sports Enthusiast Gift Guide for the rebels that insist upon pushing the limits of what can be done.

Batter up baseball fans! The players are practicing, they are ready to hit the diamond this spring and the bats will be swinging before you know it. But in the mean time someone you know is a baseball player and with the holiday or special occasion approaching your searching for gift inspiration.

I bet your baseball player could use some new equipment this season, you know how it is, typically some of their baseball gear is on it's last leg by the end of the previous baseball season. New equipment is often a big motivator too, how often have you heard "I can hardly wait to try my new glove or bat" You always run faster in your new shoes, right!

We are happy to suggest an Official Rawlings League Baseball! This baseball is official size 9" & weight 5 Oz. also featuring a synthetic leather cover, solid cork with a rubber center and a major league seam.

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f you have any other ideas, leave a comment below and share your thoughts. I like to hear from you, and I appreciate your feedback. We use your input to make it better for future visitors. Also, a special thanks for shopping here. I appreciate it very much, you're awesome.

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