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Calling Boat Owner!!! Do You Use a Boat Cover Support System to Protect Your Boat?!

Updated on March 19, 2016

Owning a boat is perhaps one of the best things in your life. Not many people can own one especially those from the luxurious range. Boat is a very wonderful and private place for you to celebrate special occasion with the one that you love. Having a boat that can call your own is great but that also means that you cannot neglect it.

To keep it in order and to prolong its life, you will need to provide a proper maintenance and protection to your boat. For this purpose, a boat cover will definitely be invaluable, especially if your boat is not parked in the garage.

Most probably you won’t be using your boat every day except during the weekend or holidays or on special occasion. Leaving your boat in the open will let it exposed to the elements of the nature which can cause it to weather and also wear out. Water and the heat of the sun are agents that promote these. A boat cover will definitely provide the necessary protection to your boat against the said elements. Boat covers are normally made from materials which are flexible, soft but yet strong enough to stand against extreme conditions.

Boat Cover Support
Boat Cover Support

However, by just using a boat cover is not enough and there are some other issues that you need to deal with. One of the problems is standing water which it the cause that promotes dry rots and mildew. This happens as covering your boat with a cover will leave many areas which can cause water stagnancy.

To counter such situation, you can use a boat cover support system together with the cover. A good boat cover support system will not only make the cover taunt as it can also help in ventilating your boat and prevent the developing of mildew and fungus on the inside.

One of the most common used boat cover support system among boat owners is the one that known as Bow-Type Support. This system is made of either planks of thin wood or fiber glass. These wood or fiber glass are cut with a few inches wider than the boat and which then will be installed on the boat with bow socket. This will form a bow shape over the boat and hence, the name they call it. To make this system even more efficient, the length of the planks could be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

Getting Boat Cover Support

Boat Cover Support Pole with Vent
Boat Cover Support Pole with Vent

Bow system is a bit sophisticated and if you don’t want to make it hard, you can always use boat cover support poles. This system uses poles that you can place onto the floor of the boat. The height of the poles can be adjusted so that it can make the cover taunt.

Poles are normally made of aluminum with a rubber base and cushioned tip on the other hand. This will avoid it from damaging the floor of your boat and tearing the boat cover. You will normally need 2 to 3 poles to set up a system that can provide complete protection.

These items would not cost you very much and a lot of online stores do sell such boat cover support and the cover at a discounted price. Don’t save the little money which you might get regretted later on. By the way, you can visit this site for more information on how to choose the right boat cover support.

Boat Cover Y-Strap Support System

Assembling the Carver Support Poles


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