Vinny Del Negro

  1. Miller2232 profile image59
    Miller2232posted 4 years ago

    As a lot of us know, Vinny Del Negro's first head coaching job ever was with the Chicago Bulls. In the two seasons he as Bulls head coach, he made that team competitive, they won games, and got to the playoffs both years and played hard with all the change. He and John Paxson had some disagreements and that is why Del Negro was out as Bulls head coach. I do believe that Vinny would still be the head coach of the Bulls, what is everyone's take on it?

  2. dustin0284 profile image60
    dustin0284posted 4 years ago

    Vinny and Paxson did butt heads A LOT during that 09-10 campaign.  While I consider Vinny to be an average to above average coach, he did make some very questionable calls during that season.  Following their exit in the playoffs, players weren't behind him 100%.  When you lose the players, it's time for a change. Did management have something to do with this though? Probably so.

  3. jcales profile image64
    jcalesposted 4 years ago

    Not everyone does great in their first few gigs. But if you look at one team, they produce great players and coaching staff. San Antonio. 
    Popovich has coached or mentored Mike Brown (Cavs finals coach), Vinny Del Negro (played for the spurs, great coaching season with Clippers) and Avery Johnson (former Spur & Mavs finals coach). There is no coincidence.