Steve Nash The Finish Line

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    Paul Edmondsonposted 4 years ago … nish-line/

    Bill Simmons write up might be better than the video, but I'm fascinated to see a glimpse of a star athlete trying to hang on to a career.  The only thing I wanted to see is what Kobe is thinking as he is in almost the same spot.

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      Stevennix2001posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Both of them need to retire, as they're not doing the lakers any favors by playing. I know a lot of lakers fans don't want to admit that openly, but it's the damn truth.  the reality is both those players make way too much money against the salary cap, and they're not getting any younger.  Steve Nash has never been able to play defense for shit, and his best chance to ever win a title was back in dallas, but unlucky for him, they didn't legalize zone defensive schemes during his maverick days to disguise his lackluster defensive skills.  therefore, he'll sadly end up becoming just another great hall of fame player without a ring.  Kobe is going to have to retire too because he's too old to make that much of an impact like he used to, and i find it freaking hilarious how many gms put him in the top 5 guards list in the nba going into this season considering his injuries would keep him out for long durations of the season. 

      No disrespect to either players, as i think both are first ballot hall of fame players in their own right, but you can't argue with facts.  The reality is the lakers are a dying team in desperate need to rebuild.  Dwight Howard took any hope that kobe had left to win another ring, and steve nash is not the player he once was.  Neither is kobe.  You have an idiot laker owner that botched up the opportunity to get phil jackson back because of his pride.   Ron Artest aka metta worldpeace is not even close to the lockdown defender he used to be either, and Paul Gasol is the only good trade commodity the lakers have left.  If you ask me, I think the lakers need the suns to take Pau more so than they need to pull a deal with the lakers because in all reality, the suns hold all the cards in the trade negotiations.  the lakers are just hoping on a whim at this point that the suns will be decent enough to give them one first round pick for gasol so they can save face.  However if im the suns owner, why should i?  the lakers need me to pull the trade more so than i do.