Why is it that Lebron James never gets blamed for losses?

  1. Stevennix2001 profile image90
    Stevennix2001posted 3 years ago

    I need someone to explain this to me.  Why is it that whenever LeBron Princess James loses in the playoffs it's ALWAYS his teammates' fault, or the coach's fault, but it's NEVER his fault.  Why is that?  I mean he gets almost all the credit whenever he wins, yet he takes hardly any of the blame.  This dates even back in his cleveland days as well.  I mean when Patrick Ewing lost in the playoffs, the media wasn't too shy to call him out as a choke artist.

    When David Robinson lost in the playoffs, he was labeled as being too soft of a player.  Yet when LeBron loses and quits on his own team during a playoff game like he did in his final game for the cavaliers, that wasn't his fault.  Nah, the media wants us to believe that was entirely his teammates' fault for not helping him.  Heck, it was even considered the coach's fault, but LeBron?  Pfft...he's a saint when it comes to loses. 

    Sheesh, no wonder why that arrogant son of a b**** has this selfish ignorant a** sense of entitlement, where he promises to win 8 rings in miami before he played a single freaking game for them.  hell, he was already named the damn king of basketball way before he got drafted into the nba, so why do we kiss lebron james' proverbial a**?  Why can't we say when he loses in the damn playoffs that he was partially to blame?  I mean other team captains on other teams take on the blame when their team loses, yet Lebron doesn't?  That doesn't seem all that fair to me.  Can someone please explain why Princess LeBron James gets a free pass?

    I'd love to hear you're arguments on this.

  2. Great Wide Open profile image75
    Great Wide Openposted 3 years ago

    Well, from one Steve to another.... First of all LeBron is just too big to fail and that he is the reason the NBA is thriving so its got to be someone elses fault, right?.... Or at least that's been David Stern's belief since he first seen LeBron James.  I don't give James a damn thing other than he is a terrific physical specimen who certainly never had or respected any responsible adult guidance for several years- probably going back to his adolescents. He should have hit the hard wall of reality when he went pro, but that wasn't allowed by the powers that were.
    I lay the blame at David Stern's feet for the royal treatment given to LeBron by way of preferential officiating  and the obvious hands off approach of this 'golden boy' Stern enabled.
    This LeBron situation was definitely the most awkward and stanking bag of garbage David Stern left the new commissioner holding after Stern's overstayed tenure...
    Yeah Steve I was on here years ago with the same argument that resembles yours. There wasn't much support for it then so I will re-post them and hope you enjoy my articles. 

    Steven Randall