I'm taking my talents to Cleveland

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    Stevennix2001posted 3 years ago

    LeBron James has officially decided to go back to the Cavs.  Personally, I'm shocked about it, as I thought for sure he'd resign with the Heat this year.  However, what are your thoughts on this?

    Edit:  As for the cavaliers chances of winning a title with LeBron James, I wouldn't bet on it because they're still a few years away from that, as they're an awfully young team.  However, if they can somehow manage to get Kevin Love via trade, while retaining Wiggins, then they could be a dangerous team in a rather weak eastern conference next year. 

    As for the Heat, the only thing I can say is try to offer to offer Melo and/or Bosh max deals if you can.  Although I think Melo is probably going to go to New York or Chicago.  Bosh, I think he's bolting for Houston now, so I think Pat Riley's best bet would be "tanking" next year entirely, while putting Wade on injury reserve if he resigns with them that is.  This way they can be in a good position to rebuild if at all possible.

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    Sed-meposted 3 years ago

    AKA I'm taking my ball and going home.

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