Anaheim Ducks: Stanley Cup champs

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    beachclbbposted 10 years ago

    Hey there everyone. If you're a Ducks fan like me, then you probably already know this but if not, I just wanted to tell you the the Anaheim Ducks are the 2007 Stanley Cup Champions. Now for those of you who are hockey fans I bet you're thinking, "Why was this posted after the season started?" The reason for that is because I just found this website and that's why I'm posting this now instead of after they won. lol Anyway, just wanted to let those of you out there who don't watch hockey or for some reason stopped watching after your team got elimated from the playoffs (don't want to be rude, there's always next year) that one of my favorite teams won the Stanley Cup. It should be exciting this year. Will they be able to win again becoming the second team to repeat a Stanley Cup victory? We'll have to wait and find out.

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    randyjklodzposted 10 years ago

    good call.

    fans of all NHL teams must wait and see.