LeBron James is offended by Phil Jackson calling his friends a posse

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    Stevennix2001posted 17 months ago

    I'm sorry.  I try to like LeBron James so much.  Seriously I want to like this man so much because he's not only a great player, and arguably the best since Michael Jeffrey Jordan, but he's a great humanitarian as well.   I love the fact that he does so much for the African American community, and how creates tons of educational opportunities for kids from his hometown of Akron....

    However, he periodically says and does stupid s**t like this that make me want to bang my head against the wall for even thinking of praising this cry baby diva.  I would go into detail about what happened, but i think this youtube video link will explain it better:


    After watching the video, do you think LeBron James has a right to question whether Phil Jackson is a racist?  Or is LeBron being a crybaby?  Please discuss.

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    Live to Learnposted 17 months ago

    I do think LeBron is being a little childish here. Although I think there are probably different cultural connotations to the word posse and there are reasons to think the use for a group of business men is belittling them I also think that Phil Jackson's interactions with this group are in the area of their actions on the team, not whatever they do outside of it, and kept in that area it is entirely within reason to identify the group as his posse, by my understanding of urban slang.

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      Stevennix2001posted 17 months agoin reply to this

      Honestly, I think this is much ado about nothing.  If you listen to Phil's criticism of LeBron, he was kind of accurate.  Ever since he came into the nba, there's been this arrogant sense of entitlement to him that if you even so much as say "hey don't do this" if you're his gm, coach or whatever, then suddenly it's like 'How dare you!  He's lebron james.  He deserves perks for bringing money to your team, while you underpay him!" 

      By the way, he's highest paid player in the league, but most sports writers say he's underpaid, as they think he should be getting paid close to a 100 or 200 million a year considering how he makes the nba and the cavaliers billions each year.

      After posting this topic, I did watch other media videos about this topic, and apparently in Phil's book that he published in 2004, he described his definition of a posse to mean "a group of leeches that mooch off someone else's success, while getting the person they follow cars and girls."   I'm not sure about the girls and cars part, but I will say this much.  Now, before I say anything, I apologize if what I'm going to say sounds insensitive, but I have to say it.  In a round about way, Phil is right.  No offense to LeBron's agent, Rich Paul, or his business partner, Maverick Carter, but you can't tell me those guys would be where they are today if it was not for LeBron James' success. 

      I'm sorry, but they wouldn't.  Both those guys were nobodies before LeBron was drafted into the nba, and even LeBron admits that he GAVE those two guys opportunities to succeed with him by giving them jobs after he became a star in the league.  No offense to Maverick Carter and Rich Paul, who're both very good at what they do; particularly Maverick Carter who managed to swing a huge deal with Warner Bros. to get LeBron his own film studio. 

      But let's not be coy about this, and call it what it is.  If LeBron never would've been drafted into the nba, then chances are Maverick and Rich wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as they are today, as that's just a fact.  Having said all that, I do think that LeBron is overreacting here.  Sure, maybe Phil could've chose his words more carefully, but LeBron can't be this freaking sensitive to every little thing like this.  personally, I think LeBron knew what Phil was saying to be true, and he wanted to defer blame from himself, so he brought up the race card.  I could be wrong, but that's how it comes across to me. 

      Seriously, implying Phil is a racist?  I'm sorry, but anyone who says Phil Jackson is a racist clearly hasn't followed his career.  Maybe behind closed doors, he could be, as I don't know the man personally.  However, from an outsider's perspective, I find that hard to believe considering some of the evidence.  He's constantly said that he considers Kobe Bryant (a former black nba player) to be the son he's never had.  He said that.  Not me.  Him.  And Michael Jordan even admits to having a very close relationship with Phil, and he's black.  In fact, every black player that's ever played for Phil Jackson had nothing but nice things to say about the guy.  In fact, legendary hall of fame black player, Walt Frazier, was the one that wanted Phil Jackson to run the New York Knicks, so if Phil is a racist then he's done damn good job hiding it because he seems like the least racist guy out there, but hey what do I know?