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    Stevennix2001posted 13 months ago
    As some of you may know, Colin Kaepernick was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, who started a movement last year, as he started to sit for the national anthem, during games, which inevitably led to him kneeling instead, after he talked to a US veteran about his protests.  This gesture was meant to bring attention to police brutality, and how Colin kept adamantly saying how he refused to stand for a flag of a country that condones police brutality and bigotry across the country.  Needless to say, his protests were met with some harsh criticism from fans and media.  However, he also got a lot of praises for it as well, as all his teammates even praised him for his courage to fight for what he believed in. 

    Of course, when election day came last year, Colin said he didn't vote because he didn't believe in either presidential candidates, which pissed off a lot of his followers.  Now, he's saying he's not going to continue his protests, as he feels his protests delivered the message that he wanted to say, and he now thinks that the country is finally making strides in the right direction. 

    Look, before I say anything about this, I said this last year in private conversations with people, and I'll say it again.   Colin f**ked himself out of a job.  Plain and simple.  Maybe I'm a bit naive for saying this, but I am going to take Colin at his word that he was sincere about the message he wanted to convey last year.  But the thing is since he was coming off all those injuries, and has been playing like crap up prior to last season, he needed to put up all pro record breaking stats for anyone to really care about his message.  He didn't do that.  If anything, his numbers were average to pedestrian at best.  He barely got his job back in the middle of the season from Blaine Gabbert, who's arguably the crappiest quarterback in the NFL next to Mr. Butt Fumble himself aka Mark Sanchez.  Yet he was praised for being brave?

    The man was benched on a team, where the only competition he had at the position was the crappiest quarterback in the nfl, and you had a first year head coach in chip kelly, who was coming off accusations of being a racist from his former team.  That's not brave.  You want to know what would've been really brave?  If Kaepernick would've said, "I'm still going to kneel during the anthem because there's still work that needs to be done to establish equality in America."  That would've been brave.   You want to know why?

    Because he just opted out of his contract with the 49ers this year, which means he's no longer signed with any team.  Meaning that no team is under no obligation to give him a contract, so if he would've still continued his protest while still trying to sign with another team, then you can say he's brave because he'd be putting his career on the line.  But you want to know something?  He's not going to do that, as he knows damn well if he wants to get paid, then he needs to play ball.  And even though I personally don't think Colin lied about his message, I do see how others can see it that way because think about it.

    He coincidentally decides to take a knee and/or sit during the national anthem, during a year that he knew he was going to be benched, while putting pressure on his first year head coach, who couldn't say anything about it because he was already under accusations of being a racist, from former players on the eagles.  AND...Blaine Gabbert stinks, so of course he'd chose that time to protest and look like a hero to his teammates.  But when he's a free agent like he is now, he's all "Um..wait I don't want to lose money, so um...I'm not protesting anymore because...uh uh my message was received well, so there's no need to do it anymore."  Um...yeah.  Colin no offense.  Although I personally don't doubt you,  even I have to admit what you're saying right now sounds like something a sellout would say. 

    But what are your thoughts on this?