A 12 year old girl beats up a 24 year old woman in a MMA match...

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    Stevennix2001posted 9 months ago

    According to TYT sports, a 12 year old girl named Momo fought a grown woman twice her age, and beat her up.  Yes, I'm dead serious.  This 12 year old girl beat up a woman twice her age in a PROFESSIONAL mixed martial arts competition. 

    Here's the video to know more about it:


    Honestly, when I saw this story, the only thing I could think of was why the hell were her parents allowing her to do this?  Yes, she's tough obviously, but still.  A child shouldn't be in a mixed martial arts competition fighting against other adults.  I'm sorry, but if I knew her parents, I'd be calling child services immediately, as this is beyond messed up.  However, I'm sure many of you will say that i'm being too obtuse like you all usually do, so let's hear what you all have to say.  big_smile