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What is the best NBA player

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    Richard Putraposted 9 years ago

    What is the best NBA player

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    Ultimate37posted 9 years ago

    Best Nba Player Has To Be All Around Player meaning rebound,shoot,assists,blocks,steals thats the best nba player and dwanye wade is #1.

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    Mike Lickteigposted 8 years ago

    I am reluctant to say it, but I believe the best player in the NBA is Kobe Bryant.  Like Larry Bird, Rick Barry, and other great players I tended to root against while watching them on television, Kobe is the best at what he does.  What separates him from LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and the other great players in the game today?  Bryant has the killer instinct.  He not only wants to win, he wants to destroy his opponents.  I'm not saying James, Wade, Anthony, Kidd or Duncan don't want to win--they just don't seem to take losing as personally.  They seemingly don't view losing as the end of the world.  Don't misunderstand me, I think this is a sign of a well-adjusted person and player; however, a player that will kill you to win a game will likely come out on top against an equally talented player who realizes the game he is playing is indeed just a game.

    I would love to pick LeBron James, a tremendous athlete I very much enjoy watching, but I believe Kobe is the best--today, that is.

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    Khamori 24posted 8 years ago

    With 3 rings and coming up on his 4th one shortly.....its no reason why people shouldn't say Kobe Bryant. (Best Player In The NBA)

    Not Only can he score 30 or 40 points in one night (if he wants or needs to) BUT he also gives you solid defense (As He Makes All-Defensive 1st Team Just About Every Year) and also Gives you intelligence on the court as he knows what to do and when at the most opportune time. He helps his teammates out being on the floor and making great reads on every play

    Which has kids sayin "Momma there goes that man" destroying defenses and out smarting the opposing team and a coaches nightmare.

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    theinternalsportposted 8 years ago

    The question should be "who".  Also, are we talking about best current player or all time?  It's between Kobe and LeBron obviously for current players and MJ and Magic for all time.

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    jmart1990posted 8 years ago

    As a huge LeBron fan, it pains me to say that Kobe is the best player in the NBA. In the next few years it will be LeBron, however it is simply impossible to argue with Kobe's rings. Kobe has proven that he is a winner and that he doesn't need Shaq to do it. No player can win a championship on his own, but Kobe is the closest to being that person. If I were starting a team I would draft LeBron James because of his amazing skills, leadership, and potential, but Kobe is simply the best player in the NBA.

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    3pointerposted 8 years ago

    Right now I would say Kobe, I hate him though just because of his whole attitude and the way he carries himself. I m more of a excitement player though to me the most exciting player is Baron Davis especially in the playoffs, what he did to the dallas mavericks in 06 was just foul and the utah jazz

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    Sporty Stormsposted 8 years ago

    It's Lebron James, hands down, check the stats Lebron leads in 6 out of 8 statistical categories including SCORING, or better yet check my blog Kobe vs Lebron. Whats some of you aren't realizing is that Kobe always had a decent team, while Lebron never did. Also Mike I think you mistaking Kobe's so called "killer instinct" with cockiness. It pains hims so much because he wants to be #1 for his own reasons, not for the team. the year he averaged 35 points his team didn't even make it to the playoffs, because it was all about him and no one else. I mean even Dwayne Wade was able to get his trashy team to the playoffs atleast last season. Lebron doesn't have to give his all because he has that natural talent. He may be on the verge of setting another record and only needs two more points, but he'll pass the ball instead. He prefers to get his team involved and get them warmed up, because he knows that he has the ability to turn it on whenever he likes. Kobe on the other hand will opt to injure his team mate Bynum (who was standing right underneath the basket) than pass him the ball, just so he can get those extra two points. That's the difference b/w the two.

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    kcreeryposted 7 years ago

    Steve Nash is the best player in the NBA.  He has been consistently shooting the best free throw, field goal and 3 point percentages over the last 10 years.  He has won 2 MVPs and could have won a third.  He may not have the highlight reel dunks but he makes his teamates better and can create his own shot.