How to train for a triathlon

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    How to train for a triathlon

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    Triathlon is first and foremost an endurance event, thus endurance training is the primary goal.

    Swimming: The best way to improve technique is to use stroke drills. Stroke drills must be used after warm-up and at the beginning of every swim workout in order to facilitate neurological adaptations. Be patient, swim skill takes a while to improve.

    Here are three drills to improve technique:

    1.    Kick on your side. Lying on your left side, place left arm straight over head (facing opposite wall in pool), right arm straight along right side. Kick 1x25 on L, 1x25 on R then swim freestyle 1x50.

    2.    Sidekick and rotate. Lie on side (same as above) after 6 to 10 kicks rotate with a long arm pull to the other side for six to 10 kicks. Repeat for 1x50, then swim 1x50 freestyle.

    3.    Sidekick, rotate with 3 long strokes. Same as #2, add three long strokes then rotate to opposite, side. Drill 1x50, swim 1x50.

    These drills can be done with or without fins.

    They will help your swimmers become more comfortable with bilateral rotation, breathing and swimming on their sides. Work on generating rotation from hips and kick. It’s important to alternate drill with swim in order to incorporate the drill skill into the entire stroke. Other areas to address for the swim: pool etiquette, pool equipment (goggles, caps, pull buoys, paddles, kickboards, etc.), wetsuits, where the race will be swum – open water or pool, etc.

    For more info, visit me at [NB I'm a former GB Triathlete + Ironman]

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