How to catch carp

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    How to catch carp

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    Chapter 1 of "How to Fish for Carp" is going to cover such information as the basic Carp fishing gear you will need to get started, the best Carp baits, optional basic Carp fishing gear you might want to indulge in, and of course a few other tidbits you might find of interest. If you enjoy this article I hope you will read my upcoming ones which will cover everything you need to know to start you off in this wonderful fulfilling hobby. read more

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    If you are just contemplating starting carp fishing, do not get caught up in all the hype. Carp fishing today is a huge business but you do not need all the latest designer gear to catch carp. Most of it is designed to catch the angler rather than the fish.
    You already have the two most important things to be successful
    your eyes and your ears.
    Unless you are fishing an overstocked commercial lake the first thing you have to do is find your carp, there is an old saying that one hour in the right spot is worth a day in the wrong one.
    Dawn and dusk are magical times of the day make sure to be alert and watching the water and more often than not the carp will show you where they are, if they are showing at the other end of the lake, MOVE.