How To Catch Fish

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  1. HubPages profile imageSTAFF
    HubPagesposted 9 years ago

    How To Catch Fish

  2. craftyzen profile image67
    craftyzenposted 9 years ago

    this is a pretty broad question, so I'll provide a broad answer. You catch fish with great patience. Many a fisherman would have caught their largest fish if they had waited an extra five minutes.

  3. trotter2099 profile image75
    trotter2099posted 9 years ago

    This is a simple how to hub that explains how to catch a fish read more

  4. profile image54
    kumba8posted 9 years ago

    There are a lot of ways to catch a fish. Depend of the final result. If you want to eat fish the easiest way to catch a fish is in the nearest store only thing you need is money. But if you want to have some good time with friends on a pleasant place with beer you will call your wife and say: "I am going fishing"
    The real fisherman need a lot of thing to be sure that he will catch a fish. He needs a lot of time, a lot of patience, good tackles and .... a big fish waiting for him wink

  5. jdaviswrites profile image88
    jdaviswritesposted 9 years ago

    I have made a hub about how to catch trout ( … ners-Guide). catching fish can be done many ways, depending on where you're fishing, and what you're fishing for...

  6. tamsing4him profile image75
    tamsing4himposted 9 years ago

    How to catch a fish?  First, one must be prepared by knowing your areas current regulations and have any licenses.  Now Mr. Fish will not expect any of this and your license won’t really matter a hill of beans to him---but it can make your fishing experience more enjoyable if you are stopped by a fishing/wildlife officer.  Having one’s vehicle and equipment confiscated and a small jail cell typically will put a damper on any fishing trip.
    All comedy aside, how does one catch a fish?  You can go to the Bass Pro Shop and purchase all the latest state of the art devices and be the envy of all your buddies; but truthfully, the fish won’t care as long you arrive with something appetizing.  The good ole cricket, minnow, night crawler, or corn can entice about anything when hungry.  I’ve fished with anything from downriggers, to netting, from the bottom and used bobbers.  My favorite is whatever entices Mr. Fish to take the bait.  The best time to go fishing is either early in the morning or late in the evening.  Fish don’t like it when it’s really hot and normally don’t bite very well after a hard storm. 
    My favorite way to fish is simplistic:  about 5-6 foot of 20lb line, a medium size shank with a small lead sinker, and a big ole juicy worm.  I also like to take a pair of needle nose pliers in case my trophy swallows the hook.  Now, one of the most important things is securing the shank onto the line.  My father taught me to use Navy knots, so I run my line through the eye, loop and twist three times and then bring the end of the line back through the loop under the twist.  Pull to secure and trim any excess line.  The knot resembles a noose and will not slip or come untied.  I’ll find a short stick and tie the other end of the line onto it; and wa-la! I’m ready to fish.  Next, I find a place along the shoreline with some shade trees and a couple of rocks, drop the line and worm over the side and wait.
    When you feel the first tug, wait…wait for the next….give it one more chance to tug; then jerk the line to set the hook and bring in your catch.  You may catch anything from crappie, bluegill, turtles, catfish, baby bass, or crayfish.  Good luck and enjoy! And if you catch something small, be sure to throw it back!

  7. wilderness profile image96
    wildernessposted 8 years ago

    Trout fishing techniques for small mountain rivers and streams. read more

  8. cyoung35 profile image84
    cyoung35posted 8 years ago

    You don't need a boat to catch more fish. We'll show you how to get your limit from shore and bring home a full stringer. read more

  9. POULOMI DUTTA profile image60
    POULOMI DUTTAposted 8 years ago

    i have written lots of hubs on fishing, which you may find useful


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