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my neice wants to do gymnastics but shes fifteen is that too old to start?

  1. Malabu22 profile image56
    Malabu22posted 8 years ago

    my neice wants to do gymnastics but shes fifteen is that too old to start?

    but she only did it once
    so bascally she is a begginer at everythn
    it is her passion and she loves this sport its just she wants the opportunuity for once the be on the mat instead of watching others.
    she doesnt want to hear she had to start young she just want to take the risk
    she is a hard worker.
    i wanted to do it when i was aroun her age but i told my self i was too old as well
    and she is doing it too,
    her mother never got around to enroll her in a class so now she has to probably start of in tumblers
    does she?
    she is just a sweet child and i want her to do what she loves

  2. Malabu22 profile image56
    Malabu22posted 8 years ago

    um guys i meant to say she is a begginer in ballet too she only did it once

  3. bliss finder profile image52
    bliss finderposted 8 years ago

    Statistically and generally speaking professional gymnasts start as young as 5 years old but since you say she's a hard worker and this would not be the first time she is ambitious enough to start practicing  a sport then I'd say :"You go girl!". As long as she is realistic and doesn't expect to become Nadia Comaneci in 2 years from the time she starts, she should be encouraged  to pursue her dreams and you never know.....the world is full of amazing, against all odds, miracle type successes.
    I think that in the long run it would be healthier for her to deal with failure rather than the regret of not even trying to do something and subsequently wondering what could have been...

  4. profile image47
    Lilian C.posted 8 years ago

    I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, and one of the dancers was a guy who started dancing at 18. I guess nothing is impossible as long as she is doing what she wants smile Life's too short not to try

  5. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    At 15, she could start and become fairly accomplished.  But it would probably be for her own amusement and interest, which seems to be the question.  Not too late for that.  I think 15 is probably too late to start, to think of the Olympics.  But she will never know unless she gets into it.