Who is the worst quarterback in the NFL right now?

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  1. Skylark profile image42
    Skylarkposted 9 years ago

    Who is the worst quarterback in the NFL right now?

  2. lsfloro profile image60
    lsfloroposted 9 years ago

    Jamarcus Russell Oakland Raiders. He is not ready to lead an offense yet. His stats are lousy and he doesn't win.

  3. Sporty Storms profile image53
    Sporty Stormsposted 9 years ago

    I agree with lsfloro. Jamarcus Russell is just trash. I mean I had other quarterbacks that popped into my head with this question, like Marc Bulger, Brady Quinn, Jake Delhomme, but at least these people at one point and time in their career was decent. Russell was never good, how did he get into the NFL. He has way too much experience to just keep getting progressively worse. How does he not learn from his mistakes? He has too little yardage, wayyy too many interceptions, and no ability to progress, obviously.

  4. a_tibebu profile image53
    a_tibebuposted 8 years ago

    Vince Young, and I say that because for a guy who was brilliant in college and even in his first year in the nfl, he sure has lost his mojo or talent how ever way you want to look at it.  he was suppose to be a franchise quarterback but then gets beat for the sport by an old man kerri collins.

  5. limofranky profile image61
    limofrankyposted 8 years ago

    Most underachieving is Jay Cutler ,they all are pros with great talent !!!

  6. Steven Gomez profile image89
    Steven Gomezposted 8 years ago

    Football Outsiders devised a stat called DYAR, Defensive Yards Above Replacement, which factors in the defenses a QB plays, his supporting talent, and emphasizes yards in high pressure situations (tight games, 3rd down situations) over yards piled up during garbage time or when the game is lopsided.  The DYAR stat shows how much true value a particular QB has to his team.


    Among NFL QBs with a minimum of 100 passes attempted this season, Oakland's JaMarcus Russell is the worst with -730 DYAR.  That means a replacement-level QB could have thrown for 730 more yards in Oakland's offense than JaMarcus Bustell.  KC's Matt Cassel is 2nd worst with -555 while Detroit rookie Matthew Stafford is 3rd worst with -544 (but at least he can make the excuse that he's a rookie still learning on the job).

  7. optimus grimlock profile image58
    optimus grimlockposted 8 years ago

    vince young wtf did you not watch him this year, he played really well. The answer is jamarcus russell!!

  8. John T. profile image56
    John T.posted 8 years ago

    Definitely Jamarcus Russell.  He came out lazy and he left lazy, I feel bad for the Raiders.

  9. profile image45
    IHenjposted 7 years ago

    Jay Cutler,

    Jay has had too many concussions.  He is slow to react to defenses and is clearly struggling.

  10. coachb51 profile image57
    coachb51posted 7 years ago

    If Jamarcus Russel was playing it would be him. Vince Young had some really bad years but he seems to be getting better and with the addition of Randy Moss it could really help him. Jay Cutler would probably get my vote of the least likely to make my squad. And who ever said Brett Farve is really is not keeping up. Sure at 41 he is not the best QB in the NFL now but he still is in the top 8 or 10

  11. profile image45
    wemerson1101posted 7 years ago

    Starting quarterback? How about Derek Anderson and Max Hall combined. Kurt Warner left that franchise in turmoil. Next year after Brett Favre retires. Tavarus Jackson. That guy is garbage

  12. jheers11 profile image61
    jheers11posted 7 years ago

    Most definetly Matt Moore  he has thrown like 2-3 interceptions every game this year and barely got any passing yards. Of course now they are starting Jimmy Clausen who isnt much better. I think they are pulling him out now. So Nevermind i change my vote to.....ALL THE PANTHERS QB'S ARE THE WORST lol

  13. rickyrt44 profile image58
    rickyrt44posted 7 years ago

    Carson Palmer scores for more teams then his own


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