At this stage in their career, would you pick Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan?

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  1. ShyneIV profile image60
    ShyneIVposted 9 years ago

    At this stage in their career, would you pick Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan?

    Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are two of the best power forwards in the NBA. They have often been linked to one another because they seem to cancel each other out. Who would you want?

  2. Paul Edmondson profile imageSTAFF
    Paul Edmondsonposted 9 years ago

    I think I'd take Tim Duncan.  I think he's a bit more durable than KG.  TD also is probably the most fundamentally sound player in the NBA.

  3. Oldskool903 profile image69
    Oldskool903posted 9 years ago

    I would take Kevin Garnet easily. KG knows how to dominate the floor with his presence. If I was to form a team around KG or Tim Duncan I would easily take KG. He knows how to pump up his team, he is a great defensive player, and always seems to be around the ball. Without him the Celtics would not be that dominant team. Then again without Tim Duncan the Spurs would not be as dominant. But, Tim Duncan is not a play maker and doesn't make the players around him any better. To me the spurs seem like a very selfish team. If you watch the Celtics they pass the ball around the whole court until someone has that open shoot, even Kevin Garnet. The only thing I see Duncan doing is taking that easy 10 foot jumper and grabbing a couple of boards, while KG is all over the floor creating plays for his team. KG also has a personality that gets the stadium and players into the game, Tim Duncan looks dead to me.

  4. ShyneIV profile image60
    ShyneIVposted 9 years ago

    Valid arguments OldSkool, but then again Timmy has more rings and shows up in big games. So far in KG's career, I count 2 big playoff games where (playoffs) KG has showed: Game 7 vs Sacramento Kings and Game 6 against the Lakers in the Finals two years ago. It's ironic cuz I wrote an article about a year ago saying I'd take KG, but TD just does it all. He's quiet but goes about his business in a big way. Plays more games, more minutes, and never disappears in big moments

  5. profile image35
    Nonauthorityfigurposted 9 years ago

    I would take Tim Duncan in a heartbeat.He can create his own shot and if need be bring the ball down.Garnet is great inside and if you can get him the ball around the hoop he is money. I want a player than can create

  6. Mike Lickteig profile image83
    Mike Lickteigposted 9 years ago

    I would take Duncan over Garnett at this stage.  Five years ago it might have been Garnett, but his basketball skills seem more connected to his athleticism than Duncan's, which makes me believe Duncan will have a longer career if he wants it.  I also think Duncan thinks the game through more than Garnett, who seems far more emotional.  If I need to fire up my team, of course, Duncan isn't quite the guy to do it, but I think Duncan will be the better "old" player.

  7. JamieK profile image60
    JamieKposted 9 years ago

    I would have to go with Duncan.  I do agree that a lot of Garnett's skills come from his complete athleticism.  He was drafted from high school because he was a freak athlete that was 7 feet tall.  Duncan is all about hard work and dedication.  I see Duncan turning into a Carl Malone as he gets older.

  8. profile image30
    cipriano000posted 8 years ago
  9. profile image57
    Ball2Dayposted 8 years ago

    It is a no brainer Tim Duncan. Duncan is still the most fundamentally sound post up player in the league. But, one thing to keep in mind is I think Garnett will change his game because of age and his leg problem. I think he will become more of a post up player. Duncan probably will have to change his game less.

  10. ianswhite profile image58
    ianswhiteposted 7 years ago

    I'd take KG no question.  Both can give you similar output on offense, though KG is doing better than Duncan this year and has more range, but Garnett also has his athleticism in tact and is playing as well as he did in 07.  Part of the reason the Spurs got crushed by the Suns last year was that Duncan is too slow now to defend the pick and Roll.  Garnett stops pick and rolls in his sleep.  Just by looking at the difference in their physical ability, you can tell KG has more high quality years in him than Duncan.


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