I just took my kids out fishing for the first time. We "caught" two fish. I wa

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    donicabenposted 7 years ago

    I just took my kids out fishing for the first time.  We "caught" two fish.  I was reeling the...

    first one in, it was bouncing up in the air out of the water.  Then it was gone!  Five minutes later - same deal.  It was caught, I was reeling it, it managed to escape.

    New spincast poles, new hooks (very sharp).  No idea what I'm doing wrong.  Help?

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    mom101posted 7 years ago

    So glad to hear you and the kids had a day of  fun. Together. Landing a fish is an art and a skill. When the fish jumps out  of the water,  this creates "slack" in the line which in turns gives the fish "moving room", and it then spits out the hook. When you get a bite, the first thing you want to make sure of is that you set the hook. This is done by picking up (easily) and evenly, the fishing pole and give it a little jerk back toward you. Then, if the fish is still on the hook make sure to keep the line tight. This is best done with the tip of the pole pointing up toward the sky while you are reeling the line in. If you see curls in the line, there is too much slack which lets the fish get off the hook. So, in short, set the hook, keep rod tip pointing toward the sky, evenly and not to fast reel the line in, the fish should follow. Hope this helps. Practice in this field leads to fun. (It can also be very addictive).

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    Adventure Coloradposted 7 years ago

    Were you using barbed, or barless hooks?  Barbed hooks will help keep the hook in the fish.  Sometimes either the fish isn't hooked very well to begin with, due to the way they struck the lure or bait.  Or the fish may have just shook loose.  I haven't been fishing since I was a little boy and still loose some fish unexpectedly.  Keep trying and keep your kids interested!