I inherited a Heddon #17 9' Black Beauty fly rod, which I now need to sell due t

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    gofiggrposted 7 years ago

    I inherited a Heddon #17 9' Black Beauty fly rod, which I now need to sell due to the economy. ...

    I know nothing about fly rods' construction, but the 2 metal pieces at the end below the grip have separated.  Can this be fixed?  How much will this affect the price?  Thanks,  Martha

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    JoshuaKposted 7 years ago

    Hmm, are you speaking of the reel seat perhaps?  The two metal rings that go over the reel and hold it in place?


    Check out those websites if you are needing the reel seat.  If it is another part, I can help you locate it, as well.

    Congratulations on inheriting such a nice, class rod. smile


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    AFTiggerIntelposted 7 years ago

    Right now, there is a rod with 21 bids in near perfect condition on eBay for 355.00 with almost 3 days left. I would say that yes the separation will affect the price. I do not know specifically if the metal can be fixed. I am sure it can with the right restoration. Depending on the age, it is sometimes better to sell in the condition and allow the buyer to choose if it needs restored or not. The location you describe could directly affect the pole's function but I cannot rule that out since I cannot see it and your location might be different than what I am thinking. Sites like eBay might be a better avenue to sell rather than Craigslist since you will receive low offers for the rod and most will flag if you put a price on the rod that they don't want to pay.

    Average sale price with six items sold was 150.00 for a Heddon Black Beauty on eBay. Average for a #17 is 190.00 but only two have actually sold in the past three weeks. Since their condition is not listed in the look up, you cannot say for certain if your rod is worth that little. I would honestly list it for the average sale price start and see where it goes. Don't hide the damage and make sure you take ample pictures to show it as well as stating it in any listing regardless on where you try to sell.