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Are Alex Ferguson's football friendships too close for comfort?

  1. Jefsaid profile image74
    Jefsaidposted 7 years ago

    Are Alex Ferguson's football friendships too close for comfort?

    His public outburst on live TV over the 'stupid' sacking of his 'friend' Sam Allardyce and his withdrawal of Manchester United youth players loaned to the club from which his manager son's contract was also recently terminated seem to be contrived actions that stretch the boundaries of his prominent football status.  How else is he using his influences?


  2. Mike Mottram profile image59
    Mike Mottramposted 6 years ago

    I understand the point, and agree that his actions could potentially cause a slight hiccough in the career of some of the players involved, however in this modern era of greed and selfishness, I find it quite refreshing that such a successful character openly displays his values and his commitment to those he holds close.  Surely it is only right to stand up for your friends and family when they most need your support?

  3. Madele34 profile image57
    Madele34posted 6 years ago

    This man does what he wants, and quite frankly its become a joke. Until he is properly disciplined he will continue to act in such a singleminded way. It's being like letting a little child get their own way, they push the boundaries until punished.

    Neither his employers or the FA have the backbone to bring him into line.

    So really, who can blame him?

  4. samtenabray profile image60
    samtenabrayposted 6 years ago

    Just a man trying to put his points and opinions across.