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Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson?

  1. avalencia_25 profile image60
    avalencia_25posted 7 years ago

    Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson?

    Who is the greatest laker of all time?

  2. youngward profile image40
    youngwardposted 7 years ago

    wow...truly a hard question. I think Kobe has more individual talent,,,Magic was a winner, thus is a better player.

    but its almost impossible to say...as Kobe had Shaq (1 person) for 3 of his 5 championships...he did get 2 on his own. For all of Magics 5 rings...he had a fellow top 50 greatest player to pass to.

    People loves magic and hate Kobe...but i think Kobe is better....damn...I dont know what to say... ok final answer...Magic Johns......no no no...Its Kobe Bryant smile

    (oh...i am old enough to watch them both play)

  3. brentbrown98 profile image72
    brentbrown98posted 7 years ago

    Grew up watching (and loving Magic), but I have to go with Kobe on this one. I honestly think he's the single best NBA star since Michael Jordan. He's so good, it's scary.

  4. DAONE1983 profile image60
    DAONE1983posted 7 years ago

    Both of them are great players but i feel Magic is the greatest laker ever because before he even got to L.A the lakers struggled to win titles and never had a dynasty like the celtics have.Once he set foot on that team they started to win titles.He been to 9 finals in 11 years,Won 5 titles and 3 Mvp's.And he might have won more if he didn't get the HIV virus.

    Kobe Is great but he did not have the same impact as Magic did.But i do feel he will win more titiles and might become the all time leading scorer.

  5. Shane KY profile image60
    Shane KYposted 6 years ago

    Well, Kobe is a great player, but Magic Johnson was a great TEAM player. But when it comes down to ones' talent....Kobe Bryant.

  6. bisnar6665 profile image59
    bisnar6665posted 5 years ago

    Kobe Bryant! All day everyday! This season's stellar play should leave no doubt to the masses. Kobe Bryant is one of the best to ever play this game, and has a bigger bag of tricks than Magic, Bird, Kareem, and Diesel. I'd put him one under MJ.